Artists in the News: Cristina Mihailescu

From cavities to canvas: Denver-based artist quits dentistry to go full-time with her art

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Artists in the News: Dee Brown

Dutch masters! Dutch artist Dee Brown sells his entire shop in first three weeks on the site

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Work It! Our artists doing their thing...

It's been a busy old week for our 6,000 artists. Here's what they've been up to!

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What are the differences between art buying habits in the US and the UK?

We've crunched the numbers and the answer might surprise you...

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Work It! A look inside our artists' studios...

The best of the week's 'Me at Work' images from around the site

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5 micro sculptures to transform your space

Because we don't all have a space the size of a sculpture park...

Decor Inspiration & Tips

Work It! Cats!

Our artists getting a little help from their (purrfect) friends

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Art as investment?

Our CEO Jonas shares his thoughts on art as an investment

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