Artist musings: Scattered thoughts from an artist's notebook

Parisian artist Frederic Belaubre grants us an insight into his scattered thoughts as documented in his artist's notebook.

Inside the Studio

Pintar Rapido Glasgow - Round-up of the Weekend

Over 140 artists turned out on Saturday 15th August to create art in the streets of Glasgow as part of the Pintar Rapido outdoor painting festival. Here are highlights from the weekend!

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Pintar Rapido Glasgow LIVE: Review of Saturday - Painting Day

It's been a busy first day at Pintar Rapido in Glasgow, with hundreds of artists hitting the streets to capture the mood of this spectacular city!

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Farewell, Reproduction Prints.

This month we made some important decisions as to what kind of prints artists are allowed to sell on Artfinder. From this month, artists will no longer be allowed to sell reproduction giclée and c-type prints derived from original artworks (such as paintings, drawings and collages). No reproductions, no copies, only originally produced art.

News and Events

Pintar Rapido Glasgow: 15th-16th August 2015

From 15th-16th August 2015, Glasgow will host the two day painting festival Pintar Rapido, and this year it is sponsored by Artfinder!

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Top Tips to Start your Art Collection

Your taste is unique to you, and the golden rule is to buy it because you love it! But we know starting an art collection can be a daunting prospect, so here are our top ten hints and tips.

Trends and Inspiration

In the Studio with Dex

We caught up with London-based artist and graphic designer Dex to talk about his work and inspiration.

Inside the Studio

Hang your Artwork like a Pro

Tate's senior art handling technician Mikei Hall has moved, hung and positioned some of the world's most exciting, expensive and irreplaceable works of art. Here he offers some tips on how gallery expertise can be used to hang art in your home.

Trends and Inspiration

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