Introducing Juliana and Debra, our new sculpture curators

Introducing Juliana and Debra, our new sculpture curators

It's no secret that paintings and prints are the most popular categories on Artfinder. However, we also know that buying sculpture for the home can be daunting, especially as it's not as familiar a medium for art lovers. We're here to change that.

This week, we're introducing Juliana Cavaliero and Debra Finn, the duo behind London-based contemporary art and ceramics gallery, Cavaliero Finn. Along with the rest of Artfinder's curatorial board, Juliana and Debra are here to demystify the sculpture buying process and to encourage people to recognise the beauty and craftsmanship behind handmade sculpture.

Who are Juliana and Debra?

Juliana Cavaliero met her business partner Debra Finn at university. Ever since, they have been working together to showcase the finest works from emerging, mid-career and established contemporary artists and makers. Cavaliero Finn doesn’t follow fashion or design trends in their selection of work; the emphasis is on originality and craftsmanship of the highest standard. They seek out quality, heirloom pieces which all have one thing in common: a stand-alone aesthetic beauty that will stand the test of time.

Before setting up Cavaliero Finn, Juliana worked in the contemporary art world, which included three years at the Laure Genilard Gallery and five years at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery, working with leading contemporary artists including Richard Long, Howard Hodgkin and Rachel Whiteread. Cavaliero Finn show regularly from their home gallery presenting paintings, ceramics and sculpture under one roof. Over the past few years, they have been selected to show at the Crafts Council's 'Collect', where they have successfully sold ceramic work to a number of leading museums.


When describing her work, Juliana says, "At a time when consumerism is at its peak, it’s important that we look back to time honoured traditions of craft passed down through generations, to artists making sustainable handcrafted objects that not only give us pleasure but last a lifetime. When selecting artists to represent, we seek work that we both respond to emotionally, as well as looking at how the work is made in terms of technique and craftsmanship.

"On selecting our curated collection for Artfinder, we went about it in a similar way, choosing pieces that we responded to emotionally and felt were expressing something unique. There’s so much art in the world, so it’s important that it stimulates, engages and enriches us in an emotional way."

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Cover image via Michael Woods

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