Abstract and non-figurative paintings

Let your walls do the talking with an original painting from one of the world's most talented independent painters. Shop abstracted artworks inspired by expression and emotion.

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Sound of Life by Nick Molloy
Nick Molloy
Acrylic painting

120 x 160cm

Balance 2 by Bea Roberts
Bea Roberts

20 x 25cm

Endless Sea by Nemanja Nikolic
Nemanja Nikolic
Acrylic painting

91 x 122cm

Round ocean #66 by Ana Hefco
Ana Hefco
Mixed-media painting

41 x 41cm

A Feeling in the Heart by Rashna Hackett
Rashna Hackett
Acrylic painting

89 x 117cm

Abstract botanicals/4 by Polina Kharlamova
Polina Kharlamova
Acrylic painting

50 x 50cm

Autumn's reflection I by Mireia Izquierdo
Mireia Izquierdo
Acrylic painting

60 x 60cm

Oil painting

24 x 33cm

PLAYGROUND by Inez Froehlich
Inez Froehlich
Acrylic painting

160 x 80cm

Brainstorm by Sean Christopher Ward
Sean Christopher Ward
Acrylic painting

30 x 30cm

Frosty morning by Sergiy Dekalyuk
Sergiy Dekalyuk
Oil painting

100 x 90cm

Another Lap Around Bass Lake #6 -  October Golden Hour by Steven Page Prewitt
Steven Page Prewitt
Oil painting

51 x 51cm