Abstract and non-figurative paintings

Let your walls do the talking with an original painting from one of the world's most talented independent painters. Shop abstracted artworks inspired by expression and emotion.

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Refracted Light by Fintan Whelan
Fintan Whelan
Oil painting

160 x 160cm

Revelation by Kirsten Handelmann
Kirsten Handelmann
Acrylic painting

103 x 117cm

Mr Cardinal - A Colorful Day by Steven Page Prewitt
Steven Page Prewitt
Oil painting

102 x 76cm

Poetry of life 4 by Linda Coppens
Linda Coppens
Acrylic painting

80 x 80cm

Passion on blue by Andrada Anghel
Andrada Anghel
Mixed-media painting

183 x 76cm

Mean Mean Streets by Daniel Goodman
Daniel Goodman
Mixed-media painting

38 x 58cm

Endless Summer by Kristen Guest Studio
Kristen Guest Studio
Acrylic painting

51 x 76cm

MELANCHOLIA by Inez Froehlich
Inez Froehlich
Acrylic painting

80 x 120cm

Lily pond after the rain by Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Oil painting

120 x 100cm

Beach O'clock by Eleni Denart
Eleni Denart
Acrylic painting

81 x 81cm

Distant Moon by Jonesy
Oil painting

61 x 61cm

Eyes Wide Open by Niki Hare
Niki Hare
Acrylic painting

76 x 76cm