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"Naked Sky" #2 by Cecilia Frigati
Cecilia Frigati
Acrylic painting

81 x 99cm

Down In The Park by Jonesy
Oil painting

76 x 101cm

Holy Garden by Evangelos Vangelatos
Evangelos Vangelatos
Acrylic painting

110 x 130cm

Black Crested Birds by Lisa Lennon
Lisa Lennon

29 x 42cm

Robins by Lisa Lennon
Lisa Lennon

29 x 42cm

Evening street by Denys Gorodnychyi
Denys Gorodnychyi
Oil painting

25 x 23cm

Listen to the wind by Rob   van Hoek
Rob van Hoek
Oil painting

84 x 84cm

Venice Grand Canal at Sunset by Behshad Arjomandi
Behshad Arjomandi
Oil painting

60 x 60cm

Neighbours In Putney, London by Andrew  Reid Wildman
Andrew Reid Wildman
Acrylic painting

24 x 30cm

Beach lounging by Stephen Abela
Stephen Abela
Acrylic painting

71 x 56cm

THE FALL by Chrissy Guest
Chrissy Guest
Mixed-media painting

50 x 70cm

Female bodies- Intimacy IV by Petra Schott
Petra Schott
Oil painting

100 x 100cm