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At dawn by Denys Gorodnychyi
Denys Gorodnychyi
Oil painting

27 x 22cm

Imprint by Margarita Ivanova
Margarita Ivanova
Oil painting

70 x 80cm

Living my best life always by Hanna Bell
Hanna Bell
Acrylic painting

102 x 102cm

No Limits by Wencke Uhl
Wencke Uhl
Mixed-media painting

80 x 80cm

Yachts in Ciflic. Turkey by Igor Dubovoy
Igor Dubovoy
Oil painting

71 x 107cm

The Night We Meet by Ewa Czarniecka
Ewa Czarniecka
Oil painting

102 x 82cm

Things Will Get Better by Julia Swaby
Julia Swaby
Oil painting

207 x 120cm

Apples and Oranges by Joshua Daniels
Joshua Daniels
Oil painting

74 x 94cm

Vase of flowers by Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Oil painting

90 x 120cm

Pearlescent Morning on the Lake with Water Lilies by Ole Karako
Ole Karako
Oil painting

210 x 110cm

Family from the Heart by Vé  Boisvert
Vé Boisvert
Acrylic painting

152 x 76cm

Marina 1 by Magdalena Morey
Magdalena Morey
Mixed-media painting

80 x 80cm