How to build a contemporary gallery wall

Looking to spruce up your walls? A gallery wall can take your living room to the next level.

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How the US government shutdown has affected art

The effects reached museums, artists and even other countries.

Art News

Ángel Moyano Rivas’ meditative process

Ángel's zest for life and unwavering quest for true happiness captured our attention the moment he joined Artfinder in 2017. Now, he's an Artfinder one to watch. Here, we chat to Ángel about his art and the magic of vipassana meditation.

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Curator’s picks: Alex Heath

Art consultant and Artfinder Chairman, Alex Heath, has joined our brand new curatorial board. Here, we chat to Alex about his current favourite Artfinder artists, all featured in his curated collection.

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What is Bokeh?

A ubiquitous term in the world of photography, bokeh is a concept that may elude beginners. Find out everything you need to know about the bokeh effect and how it transforms perceptions of art.

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Our mission and values

Our CEO, Michal, discusses Artfinder's mission and values, and how special our community really is.

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Street art: Fighting against the status quo

From peculiarly altered street signs to the graffitied walls of sprawling urban cities, street art has the power to alter what would otherwise be an average walk to work.

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5 Ukrainian artists you should know

Ukraine is a nation of diverse history, culture and people. So, it’s not surprising our Ukrainian artists bring this same diversity to Artfinder.

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