5 Ways to add sculpture to your art collection

If you’re excited about getting started on your sculpture journey, we’re here to give you some tips on different ways you can display your new artworks.

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What does being a B Corp mean to Artfinder?

This B Corp month, we explain what the prestigious accreditation means to us and how we plan to B even better.

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Artists of the month: March

With skilful draftsmanship, silhouettes and multi-layered juxtaposing pastel shades, evocative of mysterious misty dawns and dark dusky sunsets.

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The most sought-after themes for artwork in lockdown

Looking at the most popular art themes during lockdown, scenery from nature comes out top. Find out what else has proven popular throughout the pandemic.

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Meet the team

Get to know our team with our new Q&A feature. Today we meet David, our new Community Leader.

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It’s B Corp Month!

Artfinder will plant five trees for every artwork sold throughout March.

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What is the Feminist art movement all about then?

This International Women’s Day, we have chosen to celebrate female representation in the arts and take a closer look at the history of the Feminist art movement.

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Artists of the month: February

A panicked frenzy of dancing flowers hover in a serene pastel abyss. Feverish frivolity for the dreamers.

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Introducing Helen Buckley

Meet our new curator and visual merchandiser

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Artists of the month: January

The resulting paintings are calming and gentle and reflect an imagined natural world that is both familiar and other-worldly.

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