Introducing Artfinder's curatorial board

We're delighted to announce the full line-up of our brand new curatorial board - a brilliant and diverse panel of art industry faces, here to shape the future of Artfinder.

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What is Cubism?

There’s more to Cubist artwork than the famous name Picasso.

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How to buy art for your hallway - yes, you read that right!

Bring together a room of transition with an instant conversation starter, because sometimes it can be tough to decorate a room with no purpose.

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Historian and illustrator, Dr Matthew Eve, has joined our curatorial board

Through his first curated collection, Dr Matthew Eve explores his interest in figurative and surreal works of art.

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Night sky photography and the fascination with the stars

Bring the Milky Way into your home and marvel at the moon and stars every night right from your own bed.

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Art and literature through the ages.

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What is Renaissance art?

At first glance, paintings created in the same style as the Old Masters look like they only belong in museums. Well, if that’s true, let’s make your home a museum.

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What is Art Deco?

The story of the most prominent early 20th century decorative style.

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How to build a print collection

"Prints offer a somewhat more affordable and egalitarian approach to art collecting, and will allow you to own a signed work by an artist."

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Stonewall 50: art in queer activism

LGBT+ art has been around for centuries, but with the 50th anniversary of Stonewall this year, it’s essential to see how the queer liberation movement has transformed and utilised art.

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