Unusual wall art: Make your home pop

5 tips and tricks to help you stand-out from the art loving crowd.


Ta Thimkaeo’s incredible journey

"I don't live in London, Monaco or New York, yet I've sent my work there. It would have been impossible only a few years ago and it was Artfinder that gave me that chance."

Inside the Studio

Who is Frida Kahlo? A visual language of pain, colour and Mexican magic

Frida Kahlo’s unconventional paintings have become a symbol of hope, suffering and strength.


Artfinder & Decorilla are the perfect match

Decorilla’s founder, Agnieszka Wilk, shares her artwork must-haves and design tips.

News and Events

Minimalist art: will it work in my home?

Minimalist art might be considered devoid of colour and joy, perhaps even outdated. But it can actually create a striking statement within the home and stands up to a number of interior décor trends.


The enigmatic world of Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh's art has inspired and captivated many. He wasn't just a man who cut his ear off.


Seascape art: Bring the beach indoors

Dreaming of living by the seaside but stuck in the middle of a continent? Decorate your home with seascape art and feel beachy keen.


What is fine art photography?

At first glance, photos may seem to be a snapshot of reality, but when it comes to fine art photography, it's more than just a pretty selfie. Let's go behind the lens.


Photorealism: This is real talk

These artworks are paintings and drawings, not photographs. We bet you’re just as shocked as us.


Expert tips for buying small art

Are you in a bit of a small art pickle? Here, Shannon Kaye, Director of Business Development for stARTup Art Fair lends her expert advice for incorporating small art into your home.

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