Seascape art: Bring the beach indoors

Dreaming of living by the seaside but stuck in the middle of a continent? Decorate your home with seascape art and feel beachy keen.


What is fine art photography?

At first glance, photos may seem to be a snapshot of reality, but when it comes to fine art photography, it's more than just a pretty selfie. Let's go behind the lens.


Photorealism: This is real talk

These artworks are paintings and drawings, not photographs. We bet you’re just as shocked as us.


Expert tips for buying small art

Are you in a bit of a small art pickle? Here, Shannon Kaye, Director of Business Development for stARTup Art Fair lends her expert advice for incorporating small art into your home.


Naive art: Discovering the magic

This is not amateur hour. It's the real deal.


What makes an artist?

Is art school really necessary? Artfinder artists describe their unique journeys.


David Hockney: 5 (and a bit) facts you may not know

West Yorkshire native, Pop Art pioneer and avid cigarette smoker, Hockney is a contemporary art legend.


What's in a face? Dan Laurentiu Arcus on redefining portraiture

"What keeps me going is it's possible to live from art."

Inside the Studio

Sweets, pigs, clean lines and shiny things

Artist Ann Marie Coolick picks out a few of her fav things!

Trends and Inspiration

Abstract art: why your three-year-old couldn’t have made this

When it comes to Abstract art, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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