Who is William Blake? Poetry and art combined

More than just a poet, William Blake produced a huge amount of both literary and artistic work throughout his lifetime. He illustrated and illuminated his own manuscripts, inviting us to look even deeper into the meanings of his work. Enter into a world full of gods and ghouls.

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Artists of the month: July

Welcome to Artfinder's very first 'Artist of the month', showcasing the seven artists who have caught each member of our curatorial board's eye.

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Artists of the month: August

Seven artists. Seven art world experts. One beautiful collection. Today, shop our top artist picks of August, specially curated by our curatorial board (so you know it's going to be gooood).

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Artists of the month: September

Discover a dizzying mix of artists this month, from Darren Thompson's urban life paintings to Nicolas Laborie's Wet Plate, time-capsule photographs. Fancy yourself an Artfinder aficionado? Well, make sure you get to know these artists.

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We’re declaring a climate emergency

We cannot sit idly by and hope for a better future, because there will be no future if we don’t act now.

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Let's fill this town with artists!

We caught up with Cass Art founder, Mark Cass

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Interior inspiration: Make it mustard

This earthy yellow is undeniably the shade of the season. With the expert advice of Kristine Hall, add some sunshine to your space.

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Welcome to Grad Week 2019

This is a fantastic opportunity to discover the freshest new talent and support the artists as they take these important next steps in their career.

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Richard Kalman's tips on how to appreciate photography

It’s important to do your homework when you’re thinking of buying art, so think about what you like, read up about anything if you’re unclear and try not to rush. Ultimately, it’s about what will make you happy. So buy with your head, but listen to your heart.

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Artfinder is now a Certified B Corporation!

We've locked in our mission to make art accessible, affordable and a viable career for artists

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