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Out of the blue: what does the colour have to do with art history?

The evolution of the colour blue proves that role of colour in art history is just as important as any art movements or new artmaking technologies.


Artfinder takes Miami!

We’re already in November and it feels like it’s time to share the news about the official opening of our first US Artfinder office.

News and Events

Boom! Pop! Whaam! here comes the story of Pop art

As the TV replaced the radio, American life became overwhelmed with imagery of pop culture and mass advertising. Cue the soup cans and Marilyn Monroe’s windswept dress.


The short but influential life of Jean-Michel Basquiat

The truly unique quality of his work, the themes he communicated and his romantic rags to riches story continues to attract the intrigue of art world giants and art lovers across the world.


Let's get digital, digital: art in contemporary society

Digital art traces back to the creation of the computer. It’s a medium that continues to evolve alongside technological advances, and makes the possibilities of what artists can create endless.


Surrealism: embrace the weird

Surrealism, the art movement that explored the deepest and darkest inner workings of the subconscious. Deep-dive into the mind.


So, what's the difference between art and porn?

For some, a simple nude figure is enough to be porn, while others don’t consider artworks porn until there’s visible penetration. Certainly, if you’ve taken a look at nude artwork on Artfinder, you can probably deduce that our opinion is the latter.


Plein air: how a tube revolutionised painting

Let’s get something straight: plein air paintings are not just landscapes. They’re not nearly as plain as that. (Pun very much intended).


My Artfinder Gem: Caleb Davis

Artfinder artist Celine Baliguian on her Artfinder gem, Caleb Davis

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