Surrealism: embrace the weird

Surrealism, the art movement that explored the deepest and darkest inner workings of the subconscious. Deep-dive into the mind.

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Meet Bogdan Shiptenko, our Unity winner

We chat to Bogdan Shiptenko, our recent Unity comp winner, about his inspirations, technique and why it's so important to speak out.

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What’s the difference between modern and contemporary art?

Chances are, you’ve used the word ‘modern’ to mean ‘contemporary’ and ‘contemporary’ to mean ‘modern’. Potato-potarto, eh? Well, when it comes to art, it’s more like potato-tomato.

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Interior Design Trends for 2023

Join Artfinder's Chief Editor, Emily Sparshott, in discovering the interior design trends that will be most celebrated in 2023.

Decor Inspiration & Tips

Artfinder appoints Joshna Rughani as CEO

Online art marketplace Artfinder appoints digital entrepreneur, Joshna Rughani, as CEO

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Monet: The Master of Impressionism

With a revolutionary approach to painting, Oscar-Claude Monet - somewhat accidentally - founded the Impressionist movement.

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We did it! Artfinder achieves B Corp recertification with a huge 37% score increase

Taking us up to 111.6 points!

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Photorealism: This is real talk

These artworks are paintings and drawings, not photographs. We bet you’re just as shocked as us.

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What's it like to be an artist?

So what's it really like to be an artist? Our community gives us a look in.

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