Naive art: Discovering the magic

This is not amateur hour. It's the real deal.


What makes an artist?

Is art school really necessary? Artfinder artists describe their unique journeys.


David Hockney: 5 (and a bit) facts you may not know

West Yorkshire native, Pop Art pioneer and avid cigarette smoker, Hockney is a contemporary art legend.


What's in a face? Dan Laurentiu Arcus on redefining portraiture

"What keeps me going is it's possible to live from art."

Inside the Studio

Sweets, pigs, clean lines and shiny things

Artist Ann Marie Coolick picks out a few of her fav things!

Trends and Inspiration

Abstract art: why your three-year-old couldn’t have made this

When it comes to Abstract art, there’s more to it than meets the eye.


Top trending artists: who's coming in hot?

We shine a spotlight on our most popular artists right now.

Trends and Inspiration

Still life: flowers, bottles and pears oh my!

Still life art isn't just impressively realistic depictions of objects. They are actually symbolic of the beliefs and interests of the time they were created. Interested?


Admiring all the right angles: Geometric art

Simple forms and straight lines? Yes. Artworks rife with political and social meaning? Oh, yes.


Monet: The Master of Impressionism

With a revolutionary approach to painting, Oscar-Claude Monet - somewhat accidentally - founded the Impressionist movement.

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