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How to buy art for the bedroom​​

How to buy art for the bedroom​​

If your bedroom feels kind of vanilla, even after you’ve invested a lot of time and money in furniture, lamps and soft furnishings, maybe it’s time to add a more visually striking element to it — a piece of original art!

However, there is an art to choosing pieces for the bedroom. A still life oil painting may not be quite at home above your bed as a beautiful natural landscape, but it is, of course, important to consider your personal preferences. In love with donuts? Perfect, hang a Jane Palmer in your bedroom. We’re sure she wouldn’t mind.

Botanical art to soothe the soul

There’s something soothing about botanical art. From single plants reimagined in ink to complete botanical gardens in acrylic paint, the fascinating world of flowers and foliage brings a touch of sensitivity and calmness to any space, which makes it ideal for the very room in your house where you need to wind down. You can even find a botanical drawing displayed against a blank backdrop, meaning that soothing characteristic is even more emphasized.

Plus, botanical art is the result of the careful study of plants, so one of these to-scale artworks could inspire your room to be a hub for reading and studying. You’ll be even more inspired in the morning to hop out of bed and get to work. And if you have a green thumb, what better way to bring your love of plants into your bedroom than through art?

Besides paintings and drawings, you can also opt for interesting botanical collages and photographs that bring a touch of the unexpected to the bedroom.

The lure of travelling

If you want your bedroom to inspire you even more, perhaps to travel the world, a ‘scape is just what you need.

A sense of escapism can easily engulf a bedroom, and for this reason cityscapes are an excellent subject to decorate your empty walls. From well-known European landmarks to exotic interpretations of more distant continents, travel art brings a dash of the vast, unknown world into your home, making you daydream about places you love or destinations you are yet to visit.

Or, if you’re more of the outdoorsy type, maybe choose a landscape that will have you daydreaming of swimming, hiking and camping. Landscapes can be the most popular choice to feature in anyone’s home, but you can make your artwork uniquely you by choosing a scene that has special meaning to you. That could be the colour scheme matching your bedroom and tying it all together, or a beach you once visited with a long-lost love.

You can bring the streets of London to your rural home, or imagine you’re hiking in the Swiss Alps while stuck in your studio apartment. Home is where the heart is, right? So why not bring that part of your heart yearning to travel right into your bedroom. Whether you want to be one with nature or roaming the streets of a busy city, we’ve got you covered.

Night-at-the-movies inspiration

Are you a big movie lover? Going to the cinema can be quite expensive, though, so instead of thinning your wallet out weekly, hang up an inspirational piece and pop in a movie at home. You can munch on popcorn and enjoy your movie while sneaking glances are the gorgeous artwork.

Reminisce the cinematic years gone by with wall art inspired by movies and television. Whether you’re into spaghetti westerns or King Kong, there’s an inspired piece out there for any movie lover.

On Artfinder, you can opt for charcoal drawings inspired by famous characters in blockbusters, or perhaps you’re into the glorious golden era - no matter your style, a touch of movie-star glam will have you dreaming of Hollywood.

No matter what you choose, as long as the art is original and goes with your personal vibe, it’s sure to make your bedroom feel more like a personal space dedicated to you. Because you deserve it!

Still want to look for the perfect bedroom art? Start with these new pieces for this month:

Cover image via Kariko Ono

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