Artists of the month: September

Artists of the month: September

Alice's pick

Liam Roberts

"My pick this month is printmaker and painter, Liam Roberts. I love his stylish geometric designs and wonderful sense of colour. The works are also extremely affordable — it's no surprise he's a favourite of both customers and interior designers alike. The perfect choice if you're looking to bring a contemporary splash of colour to your home or office space."

Dr. Matthew Eve's pick

Darren Thompson

"Darren Thompson is a prolific, Chicago-based artist whose exquisite, spontaneous paintings of urban and coastal life reflect a personal vision of modern American life. Focusing on static single figures reading or at work, Darren also draws on the excitement and action of charging crowds bustling through busy streets, jostling on the metro, meeting in cafes, or romping at the seaside. He is a fine painter whose works are worth exploring."

Dario's pick

Nadia Attura

"Bonjour tout le monde! C'est Dario from Jealous with my September artist of the month: Nadia Attura. I love Ms Attura’s images - so very, very good! And what makes these works so very, very good I hear you ask? For a start, these images have been taken by someone with an obvious command of the craft and knowledge of the camera. Someone with a vision of what these images should say and the skill to carry this through. (You don’t use medium format and then use the auto button). The images are succinct, poignant and take you beyond what you see. They play with the ideas of memory, dreams and reality. They draw you into a place which is beyond the subject or location. They are inclusive and expansive, from vast vistas to more focused images of a singular person or tree and resonate with the same intentions and voice. They are beautiful, layered, intelligent and distilled. I hope you enjoy the work. Au revoir mes amis."

Richard's pick

Nicolas Laborie

"Nicolas’ images are wonderfully evocative and conjure a dreamy, timeless, nostalgic feeling whilst mixing contemporary subjects with a historical process and technique. The images are created using the Wet Plate Collodion process, a historic, early photographic technique which was invented by Englishman Frederick Scott Archer in the 1850s. A complicated and complex process, the Wet Plate method uses panes of glass, coated with a highly toxic chemical solution to become a negative. The process was highly valued for the level of detail and clarity it allowed. Part of the allure of these images now is their lack of detail and clarity. Whilst so much contemporary photography is incredibly precise and detailed in its depictions of objects, people and places, the beauty of Nicolas’ images is the smoothing off of those sharp edges. The images have a soft, warm glow to them. They exude the magical quality that must have been felt by those early alchemists of film when they first captured still-life or portrait subjects on their own glass plates. Whether being used to document different contemporary fashion ‘tribes’ or depict delicate still lives of flora and fauna, the images capture the magic of this vintage process and demonstrate the time, care and effort that Nicolas puts into each of these wonderful little time-capsules."

Aindrea's pick

Ludmila Budanov

"These explosive canvases are beguiling in many ways - the vibrancy of colour, the majesty of line and phantasmagoria and the subtleties in fine detail. Be transported to foreign or make-believe lands with soft caresses of rainbow waves and mysterious characters."

Alex's pick

Andrew Hardy

"Andrew’s abstract black and white canvases are both beautiful and quietly compelling with an emphasis on process and their exploration of materiality, repetition, gesture and chance."

Julia's pick

Katrin Roth

"I came across Katrin’s work whilst looking at urban-inspired art and really enjoy her ‘VERTIKAL’ and ‘NEONWOODS’ styles. These pieces combine bright colours with earthy hues, and straight geometric lines with softer silhouettes, interpreting nature in a contemporary way. I simply love the layering of colour and the feel of her work, a really interesting find!"

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Cover image via Nicolas Laborie

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