Introducing our expert in emerging art, Aindrea Emelife

Introducing our expert in emerging art, Aindrea Emelife

It's already been a big year for the Artfinder team. We recently welcomed Dario Illari, founder of Jealous Gallery to Artfinder's curatorial board. Dario's superpowers are in printmaking, urban art, photography and painting, uncovering the hidden gems of each medium to make sure art lovers discover their next favourite artist.

Joining Alice and Dario on Artfinder's curatorial board is Aindrea Emelife. She's an art critic. She's a curator. She's a presenter. She's working on a full-length art documentary. She's also just 25 years old. If your shtick is new and emerging artists, Aindrea is here to help you find them.

Who's Aindrea?

Aindrea Emelife is a 25-year-old art critic, independent curator, gallerist and presenter from London. She completed a BA in History of Art and has quickly become a ground-breaking new voice in an art world steeped in tradition. Having already presented art films for The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hepworth Wakefield Museum, The Dairy Art Centre, The Courtauld Gallery, Waldemar Januszczak and ZCZ Productions, she is currently working on writing and presenting her first full-length art documentary.

Aindrea debuted her first column for the Financial Times at 20 years old, and has had articles published in the Guardian, BBC Culture, Tatler, Vice, and Country & Town House magazine. In 2018, Aindrea launched her private art advisory, working primarily with emerging artists and private art collections internationally. Aindrea has delivered talks and lectures at the Courtauld Gallery, the Courtauld Institute of Art, the V&A Museum, Platform Southwark, the Other Art Fair, Elephant West, DATEAGLEART and Marcelle Josephs Projects.

And if all of that wasn't enough, Aindrea has also founded Plop Residency with artist Oli Epp. Plop gives three artists a one-month a residency space that includes tutorials from industry professionals, access to accommodation, materials and a chance to show with AindreaEmelife Projects.

Make an impact

With her focus on emerging contemporary art, we asked Aindrea to curate a collection of artworks that are sure to make an impact in your home.

Aindrea says, "To be truly bold one must exceed convention; be it deferring from convention in terms of what you expect a medium or subject to look like, or making your artwork larger than life.

"The work in this collection all strikes me as bold (at bold and not-so-bold price points).

"My favourite works challenge the genre of landscape by abstracting at points and blurring reality to great, dreamlike canvases. Others use the figure in innovative ways and showcase a confidence which is bold, energetic and exciting.

"Challenge conceptions and celebrate innovation... across the mediums, these are the artworks that really do that for me."

Shop Aindrea's curated collection

Cover image via Roeland Kneepkens

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