Artists of the month: August

Artists of the month: August

Alice's pick

Sylvia Batycka

"Sylvia's beautiful and evocative painted female portraits are a true celebration of women and explore aesthetics of nostalgia and absence. Using photography to draw on the past and present, Sylvia captures the glamour and strength of her protagonists and reminds us of faded lives and fleeting memories."

Julia's pick

Lucie Jirku

"I love Lucie's cool landscapes and geometric works. They blend pattern with shape, creating almost mathematical paintings that come alive with colour and a sense of rhythm, whilst looking stunning and contemporary. These are sure to add a sense of scale and statement to any wall!"

Dario's pick

Jessica Albarn

"Jessica’s work moves delicately. It explores in some part, her fascination with sacred geometric symbols believed by many ancient cultures to have profound healing effects, together with the belief that all things are based upon geometric and mathematical proportion. The delicately drawn and painted insects, animals and birds interact with these precisely executed and intricate symbols."

Richard's pick

Miss Aniela

"Surreal, eccentric, humorous and playful, these artfully created portraits are a wonderful mixture of classical portrait photography combined with stylish fashion and surreal humour. The images transport you to another parallel world, at first one that seems relatively familiar, but on closer inspection, a dream world conjured up in the imagination of the photographer."

Aindrea's pick

Peter Slade

"Peter's pop derived canvases look at consumerism and the surreal. Fast-food containers open to fresh fruit and meticulously organised food, and objects are rendered in perfect detail with almost eerie precision. Take a bite into Peter's fun and fancy-free aesthetic, rife with didacticism."

Alex's pick

Kristen Ide

"Kristen provides bold expressive mark-making on a grand scale, and at a very affordable price. Her palette is predominately white and as her in-situ photographs demonstrate, it works very well with most interiors."

Dr. Matthew Eve's pick

Daniel A du Preez

"Although Daniel is a fine painter, it's his mesmerising work in paper and mixed media that I find truly spellbinding. Inspired by natural forms, each lovingly crafted paper sculpture is full of depth and vibrates with an inner luminosity. As bold and beautiful works of art, Daniel's paper creations are truly unique statement pieces and priced perfectly for any wallet."

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Cover image via Kristen Ide

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