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Linocutting with Margaret Mallows

The first in our new series of behind the scenes content with artists of all disciplines

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Artists of the month: July

"His works appear somewhat abstract at first glance due to the thickness of the paint applied. However as you delve deeper into the paintings, the structure of the works becomes more apparent."

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Artists of the month: June

Her photos, apart from having an air of classic paintings, capture an ephemeral moment of feminine emotions flowing through the river of time.

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Artists of the month: May

Hello again my little bunnies.This month I feel as if I’ve gone off-piste, thrown caution to the wind perhaps and travelled an autré road. And the artist that has tempted me into this is none other than the delectable Ann Zhuleva.

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We meet artist Julia Swaby

Julia made her dream move to France after finding international sales success online in pandemic year

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James Earley talks to us about his award-winning portraiture

We meet James, who sold his first painting online through Artfinder and is exhibiting at the Venice Biennale next year.

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Artists of the month: April

Through her subtle colour palette and abstract forms and her both graphic and painterly style, these are truly unique and inviting, creating a sense of movement

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Artists of the month: March

With skilful draftsmanship, silhouettes and multi-layered juxtaposing pastel shades, evocative of mysterious misty dawns and dark dusky sunsets.

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Artists of the month: February

A panicked frenzy of dancing flowers hover in a serene pastel abyss. Feverish frivolity for the dreamers.

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Artists of the month: January

The resulting paintings are calming and gentle and reflect an imagined natural world that is both familiar and other-worldly.

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Trending Artists

These are our artists to watch. Join us inside the studio and discover more about our community of 10,000+ independent artists and their artwork.

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