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International Artist Day 2021

International Artist Day 2021

It’s no secret that we love artists! International Artist Day is a special day for Artfinder. While we shout about our community of artists all year round, today is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the people whose creative expression is at the very soul of our business.

This year alone, we have recruited artists from 53 different countries and are currently actively selling from 94 countries. The fact that we have global reach means that our platform is able to give our artists opportunities they might not usually have access to, which is something we are enormously proud of. Here are some of the lovely things that our artists have said to us recently:

“I am extremely happy with Artfinder as I've moved to the US recently from New Zealand, we move frequently and we are looking again at our next move which will be to Italy. No matter where I live I can always sell my paintings through Artfinder, so that is wonderful!” Kristen Olson Stone

“Selling online beats Bricks & Mortar galleries ANY day. I've been exhibiting since 1976 and I can say that hand on heart, I just love sitting up here in the Lincolnshire Wolds sending artworks here, there and everywhere.” Phyllis Mahon

We have chosen to celebrate this International Artist Day by highlighting three artists from around the world, who all joined Artfinder in 2021.


Cayetano de Santamaria

Cayetano took part in this year’s Grad Week after our Curators spotted his work at the Pratt Institute School of Art in New York.

Cayetano’s preferred mediums are drawing and watercolour and his figurative works are strongly influenced by surrealism. Interested in science, philosophy, history and mythology, his works are expressions of a story and full of hidden narratives.

He keeps a Charles Bukowski quote close to him that says, “ You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.”.


Alexandra Dobreikin

Born in Russia, Alexandra studied art in Russia, then design in Israel. She now paints, designs furniture and creates prints for textiles.

Alexandra is inspired by nature; the sky, sea, minerals and natural phenomena. What is often reflected in her canvases is the female image, essence, emotions, feelings and mood.

“I am constantly searching, in the process of experimentation and creativity. The flow of life directs me in different directions from abstract to figurative art, from pop art to modern. I am inspired by artists of the Silver Age and the surrealism of Salvador Dali, contemporary artists and the possibilities of new art materials.”


Nikolay Marinov

With 15 years of experience, Nikolay is an award-winning sculptor and has been widely exhibited throughout the world.

Mainly working with natural materials such as stone, metal and wood, Nikolay experiments with different types and structures of material and techniques. Studying their interaction, he looks for the right expression and balance.

He is inspired by the perfection and balance present within nature and in his work he strives to achieve harmony between the constituent elements and to transmit the energy they have.

View our collection of artworks to celebrate International Artist Day, which features at least one artist from each of the 94 countries we represent.

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Cover image via Rakesh Ray Choudhury

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