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Artists of the month: November

Somewhere between outsider and folk art with a splash of naïveté and a big wallop of creative madness

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Artists of the month: October

In these days of mass production and mass consumerism we need to think about how we can all slow down and reflect on the past and how we can recycle and reuse objects in new ways

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Welcome to Grad Week 2020

In these unprecedented times - despite lockdowns, continuing restrictions and all the pressures that have come with this - the selected artists have produced outstanding bodies of work.

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Artists of the month: September

"The works are easy on the eye. They are inviting. They are small and well rounded. They make you happy."

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Artists of the month: July

"It’s joyful, carefree, exciting, unknown, hedonistic and in her land of plenty, there seems to be many, many tasty forbidden fruits to have a little nibble of."

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Artists of the month: June

"These images transport us to a wonderful wilderness, to a world of natural beauty, to these grand and majestic landscapes that now, more than ever, make us just want to be there."

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Artists of the month: May

"She’s an artist with a very unique and individual vision whose paintings seem like an ironic comment on the world in which we currently find ourselves."

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Artists of the month: April

"At this difficult time, when restrictions curtail our daily routines and leave us gasping for some semblance of normality to return, the true nourishing and uplifting nature of visual art couldn’t be more necessary."

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Artist of the Week: Ronan Mcgeough

Meet the man behind our favourite paintings of the moment.

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These are our artists to watch. Join us inside the studio and discover more about our community of 10,000+ independent artists and their artwork.

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