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Artists of the month: March

Artists of the month: March

Richard's pick

Taeyang Hong

"Korean photographer Taeyang Hong combines the large and the small in one frame. In these images we see man being dominated by his surroundings; in the natural and man-made jungles.

In the “Small Thing” series, Hong gently describes humanity at war with his surroundings. As humans, we are constantly trying to control everything, so Hong shows the world we live in from the perspective of everything that looms over us. Human figures are shown as minuscule characters on the set of a theatrical production: swallowed up by a verdant abundance of trees; lost in the grey chaos of construction; blended with the bricks of an old gas works.

There is a dual focus: one on the sheer immensity of these man-made and natural structures, and another on the unimportance of the humans in the face of their surroundings. They are us, and we are tiny. Combined with the profound, underlying message of this series, the images themselves are elegantly composed, well-framed, and tell a story."

Alice's pick

Novi Lim

"Novi Lim creates dynamic and atmospheric abstract paintings inspired by the elements of the natural world. I love her lightness of touch, the delicate layering of colours to build texture and translucent quality, and the movement created by her fluid lines and rhythmic brushstrokes. Some of the abstracts also contain mark-making and figurative flourishes, often flowers or birds, that reflect her Asian heritage. Novi paints using a limited palette within each work but plays with the contrasting of light and dark to give each of her works a quiet intensity. Novi joined Artfinder last year and has quickly become one of our collector's favourites."

Dr. Matthew Eve's pick

Ian Scott Massie

"For the awakening of Spring my artist choice for March is Yorkshire-based artist and teacher Ian Scott Massie, whose atmospheric landscape screen prints are rooted in the landscape tradition of 20th Century British artists such as Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious and John Piper. Aiming to portray “the personality of places across the North and the stories associated with them” Massie crystallises the spirit of each scene with skilful draftsmanship, silhouettes and multi-layered juxtaposing pastel shades, evocative of mysterious misty dawns and dark dusky sunsets. Cathedrals, trees, follies, derelict abbeys, piers, rolling hills, streets, bridges and standing stones (which are his focus) are simplified, almost abstracted: resolute, statuesque and static; while movement is exquisitely depicted in billowing smoke from chimneys and chuffing railway trains, or the rippling reflections in rivers and the sea, or cascading waterfalls. Those familiar with the North will fondly recognise York, Haworth (‘Bronte Country’), the Yorkshire Moors and Dales, Durham and Edinburgh, while the South is represented in haunting scenes of Cornwall, Cambridge, London and Brighton.

These prints have particular resonance for me as I spent many happy, autumn half-term holidays with my family visiting aunts, uncles and cousins in the area around the East Riding in Yorkshire. We travelled extensively across the Yorkshire Moors and Dales, and looking at Ian Scott Massie’s shadowy scenes of Staithes, York, Castle Howard, Ripon, Fountains Abbey and the Aysgarth Falls I am instantly transported back forty years to happy, simpler days holidaying in Malton and that glorious, unspoilt countryside known as ‘God’s Own Country’. So while travelling and vacations are still out of reach what could be better than to dream of better days with an evocative print on your wall by Ian Scott Massie? As he says: “I believe that art makes people feel better - by looking at it, by making it and by learning the stories behind it.” "

Julia's pick

Paul West

"Paul West captures the essence of landscape and the countryside in a unique way. From the colours he chooses, to a mixture of painting styles from abstract forms alongside a more painterly style reflect the experience of each scene."

Juliana and Debra's pick

Cecil Kemperink

"We chose the work of Cecil Kermperink as were immediately drawn to her beautiful sculptures. Ceramic circles link together like chains to form these works as the material belies the forms. Choosing to create them from ceramic rather than metal plays on the materiality as she highlights the fragility of something that would normally be so strong. Links and chains are usually binding and strong but Cecil brings a delicacy to the finished work which is highlighted by her subtle choice of palette that adds to the softness. This subtle gradation of colour adds depth and beauty, so again she creates a wonderful juxtaposition between beauty and functionality. Cecil has a background in dance and fashion which comes across in this series, as she investigates space and movement. Again she creates a movement in form from a solid material so there is this wonderful juxtaposition at play again. The abstract forms appear almost stitched together like cloth in ceramic, and the results are unique and beautiful."

Alex's pick

Stuart Jarvis

"Stuart’s drawing of Chartwell was created live for the 2021 Sky Landscape Artist of the Year competition, and its unusual point of view, strong foreground and dynamic lines shows his mastery of composition and perspective. Let’s hope he shares more of his work with Artfinder soon!"

Dario's pick

Ray Richardson

"Well well well… That’s how I usually answer my phone when I get a call from a friend who I haven’t heard from in a long time and this was my surprised reaction when I saw Ray Richardson on Artfinder.

He’s a great artist, and old friend and a lovely draughtsman and with that intro please welcome Ray as my pick for this month. Now, I don’t want you to think that there is any sort of nepotism in this choice. Seeing an artist that I know and respect on Artfinder usually puts me off choosing them as my artist’s pick. But not this time. Ray Richardson is a supreme talent. His CV speaks for itself and has shown in galleries the world with his paintings prints and drawings. But onto the works I have chosen. I have included four works that are already sold as they show a softer, looser side. They seem more emotionally laden, introspective as well as retrospective, of moments perhaps remembered, lost, and unhappened. They seem private laden moments.

To be honest, if Ray reads this he may think what is Dario going on about, but I’m ready for that and I’ll stick my head out and say I don’t think I’m too off the mark.

The newer collection of Ray's lithographs have a different aesthetic but none the less engaging. They appear more casual, everyday snapshots, beautifully sparse and aware of their intentions. Simple moments that we can all resonate with. I feel as if the harder-edged lines give them a slightly more documentative reading, they seem to be living more in the present…who knows.

Anyway, I love them and hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up with Ray over a drink in the not too far future and chew the fat as they say. As always I’ve probably gone on for a touch too long so with that I’m off.

Thank you as always."

Aindrea's pick

Sergio Aranda

"Sergio Aranda creates textured art gilded with a disastrous beauty, the paintings sing of ancient ruins and Midas fantasies. Rusty serene abstraction."

Helen's pick

Dan Laurentiu Arcus

"Belgium artist Dan creates figurative paintings steeped in intrigue, often featuring faceless figures in absurd situations, or people who you feel have been collaged onto the canvas straight out of your dreams.

The artist utilises many different techniques and materials with a preference for the dry pastel and charcoal because “it gives the painting a velvet texture with very little reflections which keeps the colours saturated and the contrasts deep and spectacular”.

His works are a comment on everyday people living in an ignorant society and its consequences on society and the human spirit. The characters in his works seem familiar yet mesmerising, immersing the viewer in the artist’s imagination.

Dan’s works are incredibly appealing to collectors because they are immediately bursting with energy and colour, but in viewing them for longer, there are so many layers to uncover and meanings to discover."

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Cover image via Paul West

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