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10% off full price items code: HOT10
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Artists of the month: June

Artists of the month: June

Alice's pick

Ziesook You

Ziesook’s photographs are inspired by her everyday experiences and the nature around her, as well as her extensive travels across Asia, US and Europe and the people she has met. She writes, makes documentary videos and photographs, and this all feeds into her work. The photographs Ziesook creates are truly unique and otherworldly - still life flower photography and her particularly extraordinary portraiture, filled with colourful flower arrangements that the sitter wears and with petals sprayed across the background. Both highlight her wonderful sense of colour and the quality of stillness that draws you in, encouraging you to slow down and sit with the imagery. Rejuvenating and completely gorgeous, Ziesook’s photography has it all.

Julia's pick

Zeljka Paic

"Zeljka Paic’s paintings and collage have a unique and stunning interpretation on city architecture and structure in buildings and nature. Often using rich colours, these works combine geometry with artistry with great results."

Alex's pick

Lisa Lennon

“Lisa’s work varies from jewel bright exotic birds to brooding dark soothsayers. As well as being beautifully painted most share a magical, often disconcerting quality that lifts them out of the ordinary and gives them great presence for their size.”

Helen's pick

Viet Ha Tran

"Madrid-based Vietnamese artist Viet Ha Tran’s technicolour photographs always catch my eye when browsing the Artfinder site.

Describing herself as ‘the painter of feelings’, Viet Ha is especially well known for her emotionally dense and endlessly compelling photographs of women. Her art emphasises fantasy and imagination as a source of aesthetic experience. Instead of taking photos, she tries to paint women’s emotions, inner dreams, intimacy, poetry and philosophy with her camera.

As a result, her photos, apart from having an air of classic paintings, capture an ephemeral moment of feminine emotions flowing through the river of time. As reality plays hide-and-seek with fantasy, it’s a reflection of those volatile moods etched in the permanent state of change.

Brightly coloured and impressionistic in style, her brilliant photographs create atmosphere and intrigue in any setting, creating sophistication and visual impact."

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Cover image via Viet Ha Tran

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Artists of the month: July

"His works appear somewhat abstract at first glance due to the thickness of the paint applied. However as you delve deeper into the paintings, the structure of the works becomes more apparent."

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