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What does your taste in art say about you?

When it comes to art, there are surprising parallels that can be drawn between your taste and your personality. So what does you taste in art say about you? Read on to find out...

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10 original abstract artworks for under £100.

Who said great, original art can't be affordable? Discover the best abstracts under £100 on Artfinder that won't break the bank.

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10 horse inspired artworks to fall in love with!

Who said you can't flog a dead horse? Not us! Discover the most exquisite equines to grace the pages of Artfinder.

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10 hyperrealistic artworks that you won't believe aren't photographs!

"Are you for real?!" We hear you say. Yes, we really are! Runny eggs, rippling seas and perfect portraits created with detail, accuracy and finesse...

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8 weird and wonderful Artfinder artworks that will boggle your mind!

Mutilated bodies, owls painted on satellite dishes, monumental sculptures made of magnets, human-animal hybrids and more... Discover artworks that will leave you mind-boggled!

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Meet, greet and conquer! 5 things I’ve learned from meeting Artfinder artists in Toronto

Artfinder's Canadian correspondent Michelle Bouchard shares her learnings from the latest Artfinder Meetup in Toronto.

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Home Inspiration: Cornelia De Ruiter, Founder of Homewings

We speak with Cornelia De Ruiter – Interior Designer and Founder of the interior design platform Homewings – about Homewings, her passion for colour and her favourite pieces on Artfinder.

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Is it art? Of course it is! Me and Robert Rauschenberg's Goat

My favourite childhood artwork is coming to London!

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Finding the perfect artwork for a minimalist interior

The good folks at Pooky Lights give us their top design tips

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The Great British Art-off!

As some of you will know, it's quite a big week for all things British!

Decor Inspiration & Tips

Decor Inspiration & Tips

Discover the latest design trends, decor ideas and interior inspiration for your home. No matter where you live, make original art the final piece of your home design’s puzzle.

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