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Welcome to the Dark Side! Our Top 5 Artworks using black...

In light of the news that Anish Kapoor has been given exclusive rights to the world's blackest paint, we round up our best artworks using black paint

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5 micro sculptures to transform your space

Because we don't all have a space the size of a sculpture park...

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The world needs more artists

Taken from the original post on his blog, self-professed misfit artist Jeff Goins talks about the importance of art and what it brings to the world.

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Dulux Colour Futures 2015

We speak to Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux about the thinking and inspiration behind Dulux's Colour Futures for 2015

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How to hang art

Tate's senior art handling technician Mikei Hall has moved, hung and positioned some of the world's most exciting, expensive and irreplaceable works of art. Here he offers some tips on how gallery expertise can be used to hang art in your home.

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Decor Inspiration & Tips

Discover the latest design trends, decor ideas and interior inspiration for your home. No matter where you live, make original art the final piece of your home design’s puzzle.

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