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10 horse inspired artworks to fall in love with!

A little something for the horse fans amongst us! Wild and free, yet tame and talented, their gentle eyes and elegant lashes set our hearts aflutter.

1. Fragile foals

'Alert' by Renske Schuilenga

Netherlands-based painter Renske Schuilenga started riding horses at 10 years old and since then has always loved horses. Her passion for this elegant creative is evident in the way in which she sensitively captures their agility and venerability.

2. Howdy, Cowboys!

'Spanish Horsemen' by Andrew Lever

This photograph by National Geographic award-winning photographer Andrew Lever was captured at a horse event in Jerez, Spain and features Spanish cowboys looking marvellous on their magnificent steeds.

3. Raw texture

'Horse Beauty' by Wendy Seebohar
US-based painter Wendy Seebohar's horse has realy depth and texture, painted using layers and layers of paint, after initially prepping her canvas with modelling paste. Wendy used both brushes and pallet knives to create this raw, earthy piece.

4. Painted on the training grounds

'Springtime Promise' by Stephanie Greaves

UK-based painter Stephanie Greaves lives and works in Newmarket, Suffolk - the heart of British horse racing. Stephanie can often be found sketching on the stud where she lives; at the race course; or on the training grounds. She has also exhibited with the Society of Equestrian Artists at Palace House, Newmarket and the Mall Galleries, London.

5. Ceramic sculpture inspired by Ancient History!

'Warrior Horse' by Elisaveta Sivas

This ceramic horse bust was created by Elisaveta Sivas, inspired by Alexander the Great's horse, Bucephalus. It is believed that Bucephalus was tall, black and beautiful with a horn on his head and an unpredictable temperament that only Alexander could control. The horse and Alexander were inseparable and together in every battle.

6. The thrill of the race!

'Horse Racing' by Gordon Baker

UK-based painter Gordon Barker's wonderful painting of a horse race captures a real sense of fun and excitement! We love Gordon's naive painting style and think that this acrylic painting has something for all the family!

7. That time a Playboy Model met a stallion...

'Debra Jo & Her Stud (1979)' by Robert Scott Hooper

Now for one that a little less child friendly... We'll just leave Robert Scott Hooper's description right here:

'"Debra Jo Fondren (who went on to become a Playboy center-fold in September 1977 and the Playmate of the Year 1978) has talents to go with her beauty, one being that she is a remarkable horsewoman! This borrowed horse was a stallion and not exactly easy to handle. When she road him bareback with her hair blowing and brushing on his his rump, he got so excited we had to separate them for a while. On another day he stepped on her bare foot on purpose, but even the pain of that did not slow her down and she got right back up on him."

8. Small but mighty!

'Bay Horse' by Lauren Collins

UK-based painter Lauren Collins captures her favourite childhood animal in this acrylic on canvas.

9. Printed ponies

'Grazing Under a Big Sky' by Luna North

An original linocut print by UK-based artist Luna North using a soft but rich blue ink. On this print, says Luna, "this print is inspired by walks on the moors, where the wild ponies are busy feeding and protecting this years foals. This mare watched over her foal with such gentleness, I felt so lucky to see them."

How touching!

10. Sassy sculpture!

'Saidha' by Alexandra Shorey

Since graduating in 2004 from the University of Derby Alexandra Shorey has been creating these proud, elegant horse sculptures using wire, polymer clay, resin and acrylic.

Header image: "Horse and Sky" by Carla Sutera Sardo

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