Powerful photographic portraiture, 10 of the best on Artfinder!

by Poppy Rooney

October 2nd marks the birthday of American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz. To celebrate we have chosen 10 of the most striking photographic portraits available on Artfinder!

Annie has achieved a lot during her fruitful career, such as being the only woman to have a solo exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, being a regular photographer for Vogue and photographing everyone from John Lennon (on the day he was assassinated) to Kim and Kayne West.

Fancy some powerful portrait photography of your own? Then we have you covered!

1. Go dotty for spots!

'Spots!' by Vincent Abbey, £35
We love UK-based Vincent Abbey's colour portrait of a friend of a friend! Vincent heard this lady was really into spots... so he took her camera and photographed her, to see how many spots she could get into one frame.

2. Rock 'n' Roll

'Mick Jagger' by Paul Beriff OBE, £380
This beautiful black and white portrait of Mick Jagger was taken with a Rolleiflex medium format camera, using Tri-x film stock and developed in the good old-fashioned darkroom! Yorkshire-based photographer Paul Beriff OBE photographed Jagger backstage at the Gaumont Theatre, Doncaster in 1964. Check out Paul's shop to discover his photographs of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and more!

3. This portrait will add a splash of colour to any wall!

'Ava Backstroke' by A K Nicholas, £693

US-based A K Nicholas describes himself as a 'maker of images', his photography explores notions of beauty and fiction. A K Nicholas graduated from liberal arts college, Fort Lewis College, Durango CO in 1991 and has continued snapping ever since.

4. A little magic!

'Cinema 1' by Elisabeth Blanchet, £120

UK-based photographer Elisabeth Blanchet is interested in life, people and documenting social conditions and communities. On 'Cinema 1', Elisabeth said "There was something magic about this scene and the way the woman posed and totally let herself go in front of the camera, without me asking anything. When looking at the contact sheet afterwards (I was still shooting on film), I couldn't choose just one image to develop. I had to reconstruct the scene the way my eyes had seen this in real motion."

5. It's all in the hairstyle! Young Spanish Horsemen having fun at the 2016 Jerez Horse festival, in Spain.

'The Hairstyle' by Andrew Lever, £249

Andrew Lever is a Fine Art photographer and former international model based in the UK. Andrew has a passion for travel and an appetite for creating fresh and exciting imagery, and his childhood spent with horses has made him a sensitive photographer of these creatures!

Andrew's work has been featured in National Geographic Publications, Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Singapore and Lufthansa Airlines Magazine, Tatler and Rough Guides and in 2013 he was awarded the National Geographic Honourable Mention award!

6. For the love of cats

'Happiness' by Vladyslav Durniev, £49
We love the way that Russia-based photographer Vladyslav Durniev's photograph of this young girl and her cat captures the loving relationship between pets and their owners!

7. Drama!

'Clash of the Ages' by Inna Mosina, £770

Russian based photographer Inna Mosina's work often has a flavour of the surreal. However, this portrait has an overwhelming flavour of drama! The close up perspective is sure to make you feel as though you're locked in an intense stare off with Inna's subject, and the rich combination of dark colours may make you feel as though something a little sinister is going on.

8. Love is in the air!

'The Waiters Chartier : Paris' by Keith Cardwell, £450

This beauty was photographed by UK-based photography professor Keith Cardwell in the city of love, Paris. We love the way that this every day subject, of waiters in a restaurant has become so romantic through the medium of black and white photography, the high contrast colours exaggerate the decadence of the Parisian restaurant in the background.

9. Sassy street photography

'Carnival' by Salvatore Matarazzo, £770
Street Photographer Salvatore Matarazzo is based in Italy, we love the way in which his photograph captures the buzz, movement and colour of a carnival! Salvatore photographed these dancing women at the Viareggio carnival in 2014, in the same year Salvatore was also chosen as a finalist at the Miami Street Photography Festival.

10. Black and white beauties

'Summer Attitude' by Federico Arcangeli, £51
Italian Photographer Federico Archangeli's captured these women on the beach in Rimini, a small coastal town in Italy. This group portrait is exclusive to Artfinder!

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