10 original abstract artworks for under £100.

by Poppy Rooney

Want to create an impact in your home? We've hand-picked 10 hot new abstracts that will undoubtably add some wow to your walls. What's more, you'll get change from £100 as well!

Discover this vibrant selection of original, one-of-a-kind paintings, mixed media pieces and drawings that certainly pack a punch.

1. This mixed media abstract WAS £56 but can now be yours for £14... that's 75% off!

'Black Stripe' by Kat Crosby

US-based painter Kat Crosby's small 10cmx10cm mixed media abstract combines fabric and acrylics to stunning effect! Kat's love of fabric stems from her background in quilting and making lots of patchwork quilts when her children were small; she has been fascinated with fabric, shapes and colour ever since!

2. Pink and peachy for £55

'Chrysanthemum diptych' by Carolynne Coulson

UK-based artist Carolynne Coulson's mixed media artwork on paper is full of warm pink and peachy tones, sure to brighten up any blank wall.

3. Add a little elegance for only £76!

'Dandelion V' by Yuliya Ivanova

Russian artist Yuliya Ivanova's wonderful photograph was inspired by summer in her garden. At first this photograph simply looks abstract, but take a closer and you may just see a dandelion...!

4. Get a kick of colour without a kick to the wallet - yours for only £76

'Warp Asylum' by Caleb Davis

US-based artist Caleb Davis's geometric arrangement combines acrylic paint, soft pastels and charcoal to create a piece that oozes texture!

5. An architect's paradise for only £94!

'Architecture béton ciré' by Céline Bron

Self-taught French painter Céline Bron uses subtle shapes and gestural strokes to suggest concrete structures and forms.

6. Sensual saturation can be yours for £76

'Yellow No 137, Abstract paper collection' by Dimitris Pavlopoulos

Artfinder best seller Dimitris Pavlopoulos combines natural tones with beautifully saturated neon details to create this sumptuously sensual piece. And for an extra little treat, Dimitris offers free shipping on all of his works!

7. Geometric abstraction for £76

'Abstract Geometric Map' by Ignatova Tetiana

Ukrainian artist Ignatova Tetiana reimagines classic cartography it in a geometric, yet abstracted fashion!

8. Only £51 and ready to hang on your wall!

'Abstract #23' by Emma-Louise Ball

On 'Abstract #23' Emma Louise Ball says 'I let the viewer create their own story...what do you see? What do you feel? What you see is the truth, just let your imagination run wild!'

We certainly will, Emma!

9. Make monochrome beauty yours for just £41

'Abstract' by Nadia Moniatris

This original acrylic ink drawing was created by Cypriat artist Nadia Moniati, who prefers a more monochrome palette for her abstracts.

10. A flash of copper for £74

'Small Exploring Copper Abstract' by Robert Lynn

US-based Robert Lynn has created a luxuriously rich piece in deep blues and shimmering coppers. Crystal waters and exotic climes? Yes, please!

Tickled your fancy? There are plenty more affordable abstracts where they came from!

Header image: 'Overturned The Sea' by Anastasiya Kachina

Prices correct at the time of going to print

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