10 florals to take your fancy!

by Poppy Rooney

Yep that's right, these flowers really will last a life time. If you're looking to add some life to your living room, some pretty to your parlour or some drama to your dining room... then look no further.

Discover 10 floral artworks that we think will take your fancy and plenty more by shopping our 'Flower Power' collection!

1. Roses in full bloom

This moss rose is in full bloom and was created with watercolour paints by India-based artist Shweta Mahajan. We love the dramatic contrast between the dark black background and white delicate petals in the foreground.

Visit Shweta's shop to discover more floral delights such as pink chrysanthemums, orange african daisies and white periwinkle flowers from as little as £40 / $49 / €46.

'Moss Rose Flower' £40 / $50 / €46 by Shweta Mahajan

2. Fresh white tulips

This bunch of fresh white tulips held in a glass vase, were painted by Netherland-based artist Nataliia Pshenychna. Fresh daffodils, gentle roses and dancing tulips are in Nataliia's shop and waiting to be picked by you!

'Tulips in a Vase' £134 / $399 / €156 by Shweta Mahajan

3. Printed pickers

UK-based printer Louise Stebbing stopped on her cycle ride to draw these flower pickers working away in a close-by village. Although Louise says she "had some strange looks", we think it was well worth her effort! This artwork is an original hand printed, linocut reduction picked by us, especially for you.

'Flower Pickers' £320 / $167 / €372 by Louise Stebbing

4. Luscious lilies

Canada-based artist Alfred Ng's watercolour painting of a delicate easter lily certainly took our fancy. Visiting Alfred's Artfinder shop is like walking into a colourful florist, discover his glorious dahlias,golden brugmansias,spring-time pansies and many more!

'Black and White in Colour' £482 / $602 / €561 by Alfred Ng

5. We call it mellow meadows!

We love the way that these meadow flowers float fabulously on top of a colourful haze of abstracted colour. Looking for a floral artwork with a twist? Well look no further. Check out Larysa Khomenko's shop to see more of what happens when abstraction meets flowers!

'Meadow Flowers' £337 / $421 / €393 by Larysa Khomenko

6. Grey doesn't always have to be drab

Thought that grey always meant drab? Hungarian artist Brenda Szuromi proves that it doesn't! Brenda's monochrome flower could be describes as geometric, we love the way Brenda has simplified a flower down solid shapes using pencil on paper. Pay a visit to Brenda's shop to discover lots of flower power, in not only grey but colour too!

'Flower in Grey' £19 / $24 / €28 by Brenda Szuromi

7. Mystical muscaris

Claudia Montero painted these mystical muscaris in Mexico, where she is based. Her watercolour painting brings purples, pinks and warm yellows together, making this one of the most colourful pieces of our floral fancies. Claudia's shop is stocked up with clivia plants, yellow roses, crisantemo flowers and more!

'Muscari Flowers' £563 / $703 / €655 by Claudia Montero

8. Nude alert!

This collage combines a decoupage image with a magazine cutout and was created by UK-based artist Helen Robertson. This floral fancy combines natures finest, the naked body and a flourishing flower. If you're a fashionista or after a collage with a twist then Helen's shop is the place to go!

'Nude in a Field' £80 / $99 / €93 by Helen Robertson

9. Eclectic arrangements

You'll find an abundance of flowers in Becki Flack's vase. We're sure that this vibrant collage will put a smile on anyones wall.

UK-based artist Becki Flack graduated from Chelsea Collage of Art in 1991 and has been making colourful creations ever since. Visit Becki's shop to find orange roses, parrots in paradise and more.

'Flower Vase 2' £85 / $106 / €98 by Becki Flack

10. Photographic peonies

Pretty pink peony! This colour photograph was one of Canada-based artist Barbara Storey's first still-life pieces. Barbara especially likes to use a macro lens when photographing flowers. Visit her shop to see more.

'Flower Vase 2' £80 / $100 / €93 by Barbara Storey

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