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Welcome to the Dark Side! Our Top 5 Artworks using black...

Is Anish Kapoor about to cause a black out?

In a story that could have come straight out of a Marvel comic, internationally renowned artist Anish Kapoor has been given exclusive rights to Vantablack, the purest black paint in the universe.

Should he be allowed to get away with it? Should someone be coming to the rescue? We don't know the answers to those questions, but we do know that Artfinder would be a sad place without shade.

Here's our Top 5 artworks using black - get them whilst you still can!

1. Devon-based artist, Cass Stoddart, often works in black and white. This affordable acrylic painting is from a series of architecture-inspired pieces.

Let's get high »

2. This cute black and white linocut is by UK-based printmaker Alison Deegan. From a limited edition of 30, get them before they're gone!

Take me to the beach »

Long Beach, Tofino - Category: Printmaking - £40

3. This stunning photograph is by Boston-based photographer, Michael Filonow, from a series studying tropical fish.

Let's fish »

4. This incredible oil painting is by Turkish artist Yigit Dundar. His paintings are a visual reflection of the effect of human feelings such as sorrow, enthusiasm, pain, excitement and love on the human body.

Bring me to life »

5. Skull Artist Scott Hendrie displays an original vision and concept, working with the skulls, antlers and horns of fallen beasts.

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Hero Image courtesy of DB Waterman

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