8 weird and wonderful Artfinder artworks that will boggle your mind!

by Poppy Rooney

What does it mean for something to be weird? Perhaps something that is a little out of the ordinary? Surreal? Left of field? Maybe with a touch of the supernatural?

Here at Artfinder, we think that weird is wonderful! We can’t quite comprehend exactly what another person imagines, fantasises about or foresees, but creating art is a pretty interesting way to try and translate those thoughts from one human to another.

Some of these weird and wonderful artworks are trippy, some are mind boggling; some you’ll love, some you’ll love to hate; but one thing's for sure, they all are unique and original!

1. Back to front? Or front to back? #frontbum

'Anamorphic Sodomite' by Alva Bernadine

2. Skewed perspective or acid trip?

'What drug should you not take if your a introvert' by Marina Milev

3. When horse mates bird...

'Mysterious Horse Bird' by Elisaveta Sivas

4. 6 limbs and psychedelic colour...

'Coming Soon!' by Bea Roberts

5. Egg? You'd definitly crack your teeth...

'Twilight Drilled Goose Eggshell' by Sand Laurenson

6. Why paint on canvas when you have satellite dishes?

'Great Grey from the Heygate' by Emilyann Swan

7. We all know that one souvenir hunter...

'Magnet' by Wayne Chisnall

8. Sketchy scale...

'The Girl and The Chameleon' by Jaco Putker

Header image: 'Langorous Abandon' by Alva Bernadine

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