10 hyperrealistic artworks that you won't believe aren't photographs!

by Poppy Rooney

Think these are photographs? Think again! From runny eggs to monumental trees, marbles and everything in between, here is a selection of the best hyperrealist artworks on Artfinder.

1. You can almost see your own reflection...

'Mc Shopping' by Jose Higuera

Spanish painter Jose Higuera's paintings will have your jaw on the floor! 'Mc Shopping' is a contemporary cityscape that captures the activity of a city so realistically; the metro, people rushing from A to B and a McDonald's on every corner.

2. Here's looking at you, kid!

'Rob' by Mark Santler

UK-based painter Mark Santler began painting after finishing a Graphic Fine Art degree at East London University. His beautiful portraits are up-close and personal and this painting is no exception. We had goosebumps, Rob really is staring you straight in the face.

3. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

'Taking a Dip' by Mark Sandra Busby

UK-based painter Sandra Busby has a love of traditional painting, and always approaches her work in a gentle and methodical way. On eggs, Sandra said “It's odd... I haven't been able to eat an egg since we decided to keep chickens, but I do enjoy painting them!”

4. Geez Louise, are they real life trees?

'The essence of my friends #4' by Stefan Fierros

UK-based artist Stefan Fierros' charcoal drawing captures the grandeur of nature, and he has certainly succeeded - these trees look regal and mighty! The smokey smudges the charcoal have the organic essence of traditional black and white photography and has us utterly stunned!

5. Marvellous marbles

'Iridescent' by Kelly Eddington

It's hard to believe that this level of realism is possible with watercolour paints, but Kelly Eddington proves once again that it is! You almost expect one to roll straight off the canvas.

6. A story of romance...

'Reclining Nude' by Mike Skidmore

UK-based painter Mike Skidmore painted this wonderful nude of his wife lying on a blue settee in oil on canvas. The soft light catches her shoulders and hair, making this painting wonderfully romantic.

7. Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!

'I think therefore I am SPAM!' by Trinidad Ball

UK-based painter Trinidad Ball's depiction of spam has thrown it into 2016! At a first glance this painting looks like a stylised advertising image and then SPAM you realise this is actually an oil painting finished with varnishes! Trinidad was inspired to play with the phrase 'I think and therefore I AM' after reading 'I think therefore I'm SPAM' in a toilet at university.

8. Perfect portraiture

'Alisabeth' by Bhavani Krishnan

It's no surprise that US-based painter Bhavani Krishnan's portrait is so realistic, as Bhavani painted 'Alisabeth' from life at The Ryder Studio using oil paints on gessoboard in a mammoth 15 hour painting session.

9. The only card I need is the Ace of Spades

'Ace of Spades' by Peter Slade

UK-based painter Peter Slade is inspired by Andy Warhol and Cesar Santander. He paints from photographs and enjoys exaggerating the beauty of objects that are seemingly ordinary and mass produced with light and shade to create convincing illusions of reality.

10. Can you see the sea?

'Towards the Sea' by Isabel Robledo

Who doesn't love the sound of waves breaking on soft sand? When viewing Spanish painter Isabel Robledo's painting you can almost hear that sweet sound ringing in your ears...

Feeling inspired? There's plenty more where that came from in our collection of hyperrealistic art.

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