A bottle of wine might well ramp up the heat for any opening festivities, but a well-chosen artwork will bathe their home in a warm glow for many years to come.

Patriotic Pad

British artist Lizzie Allen’s iconic wallpaper designs have proved a big hit with homeowners looking to bring colour and quirkiness to their interiors. This charming print was commissioned by the Royal Festival Hall for their 60th birthday.

Festival of Britain

Lizzie Allen

Festival of Britain



Key to Your Art

Give them one set of keys they’ll never lose. Song Dong’s mother was an enthusiastic hoarder, and many of his works are inspired by everyday domestic objects.


Song Dong


Giclée print


Easy Livin'

For cat lovers, this print from Woop Studios is the perfect way to bring a little feline fun into the house without finding hairs on the sofa or the remains of unfortunate rodents on the kitchen floor.

C - a Comfort of Cats

Woop Studios Limited

C - a Comfort of Cats

Limited edition art


Let the Housewarming Commence!

Set the tone for a positive home with this bold lithograph by Adam Bridgland, commissioned by the Curwen Studios in honour of the 2012 Olympic games.

A Favourable Or Prosperous Termination Of Attempts Or Endeavours

Adam Bridgland

A Favourable Or Prosperous Termi...

Limited edition art


On the House

Fellow party-goers are sure to feel foolish when they bring a bottle and you bring seventeen- plus many other drinking vessels besides! This visual compendium of beverages from David Firth tracks our lives through libations.

Palatial Present

Add a fairytale flourish to your housewarming offering with this print of the key to the hilltop Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.

Four Instructions: 3) Keys to the ruins of Neuschwanstein

Russell Maurice

Four Instructions: 3) Keys to th...



Polka- Dot Daze

This simple yet striking lithograph by Eva Bauer would make a captivating addition to any new household.

Room with a View

If the surrounding scenery leaves something to be desired, why not import a continental view? With this classic print from Henri Seigle comes a dash of Parisian flair.

Eiffel Tower Sold

Henri Seigle

Eiffel Tower

Unique one-off original artwork


A is for Alphabet, S is for Scottish

Ex drag queen Donald Urquhart’s rundown of Scotland’s finest is sure to add a splash of character to their crib.

Alphabet of Scotland

Donald Urquhart

Alphabet of Scotland



New Wave

This elegant print from the Barbican collection will bring a contemporary feel to their home without breaking the bank.


Damián Ortega


Giclée print