Why not surprise your favourite little bookworm with an illustration of a thrilling scene from literature? Or introduce someone to reading by enchanting them first with a picture? These prints either directly reference literary classics or, with a splash of imagination, brilliantly resemble them.

Awesome Apocalypse

This apocalyptic scene could be the Alien invasion from War of the Worlds or the attack of the carnivorous plants in John Wyndam’s Day of the Triffids.

Ride the Storm

Shepherd will throw them 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea once again with this treacherous tempest.

Potter Prints

Keep aspiring witches and wizards entertained by letting them contend in the Quidditch world cup. The Printorium’s graphics cast fresh light on the much loved Harry Potter empire.

Quidditch™ World Cup Poster

The Printorium

Quidditch™ World Cup Poster

Limited edition art


But what big eyes you have!

What fearsome ogres and wolves-in-grannies-clothing lurk amid the looming trees? The most enchanting of The Brothers Grimm fairy tales are set in the mysterious labyrinth of Germany’s Black Forest.

Black Forest

Hong Seon Jang

Black Forest




This grotesque depiction of an American president by Ralph Steadman looks more like Dr. Frankenstein’s monstrous creation.


Ralph Steadman





This looks suspiciously like Superman to me.

Milan 10ème Anniversaire Sold

Jean-Michel Folon

Milan 10ème Anniversaire

Unique one-off original artwork