Whether you are buying for a man or a woman, for a youngster or your parents, there’s something to suit their taste and your budget.

Make someone feel really special. An original artwork can often be an affordable alternative to other more humdrum options. If you are looking for the perfect gift, art is always sure to impress!

Curious Dog (Blended Colour) Sold out

Jason Munro

Curious Dog (Blended Colour)



Quality reigns over quantity with this playful print for those on a budget. Whether a jolly aesthetic release for the stresses of the office or a gift for the young aspiring art lover, this print is perfectly in tune with the inner child in all of us.

Pigeon Ride

Jason Munro

Pigeon Ride



Looking for a dinner party gift? Skip the flowers or bottle of bubbly and start the evening’s conversation by giving your host an original print. Choose a stylish abstract that will easily please every taste and show just how much thought you put into the present.


Damián Ortega


Giclée print


If in doubt of tastes and preferences, a serene landscape is always a safe bet. Be it a beautiful photograph or an expressionist interpretation, everyone loves a bit of nature in their lives.

Walking out to the Sun

Nick Waplington

Walking out to the Sun

C-Type print


Nothing screams 'inspiration' like art. Show a friend your support for a goal or achievement by giving them an artwork that will help them reach their objectives... and will remind them forever of how amazing they are.


Oliffe Richmond




Navy blue sweaters are a nice, but what man really, really loves a woolly pully as a present? Why not buy him something that shows you really understand him deep down inside?

An urbanite to the core? Celebrate a great city and great company with a graphic print of a favorite landmark. This is a present will always represent those good times shared on the best place on earth.

Battersea Red II Sold out

Paul Catherall

Battersea Red II



Your friends may not be the kind to think deep into the meaning of art, but everyone loves a cheeky print. Go on then, a gift should bring out a laugh!

Sell Your Soul

David Shrigley

Sell Your Soul



Think of it not so much as a present as an investment. For those very special occasions you may need to look for a BIG gift and art is the perfect option that will only go up in value: talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park exhibition commemorative print Sold out

Joan Miró

Yorkshire Sculpture Park exhibit...



Sometimes it takes two. What about pooling your present and his to buy something for the home that reminds you both of all the things you share?

Last Futile Kiss

Bruce French

Last Futile Kiss



Money no object? Cars are shiny, diamonds sparkle pleasingly, caviar tastes salty, but a work of art is food for the soul. Look for the work of an artist that is “oh so hot” and show off just how much you are in-tune with the latest art trends.

Tree Ruins (Haitian Charcoal Field)

Blane St Croix

Tree Ruins (Haitian Charcoal Fie...

Etching / Engraving


Who doesn't like receiving flowers? Immortalise your colourful display of affection with this beautiful floral screen print by Adam Bridgland and there will be smiles all round.

Just like any great artist they've been hidden away in the garage, twisting, bashing, painting, and refining until finally all the hard work pays off. The result is an object of outstanding beauty and perfection. One for the classic car enthusiast perhaps?

L'Automobile, Galerie Maurice Garnier Sold

Bernard Buffet

L'Automobile, Galerie Maurice Ga...

Unique one-off original artwork


This print is small but by no means subtle, it's packed full of colour and style, enabling it to brighten up any interior space.

Drapery Girl Sold out

Sian Zeng

Drapery Girl

Giclée print


Full of fantasy and intrigue this print would make a perfect gift for the highly imaginative. With its soothing tones of blues and creams it will prove a great talking point and a means of inspiration!

No need to wrap up warm for this one. Why not take the aesthetics of the brisk, open countryside to the comfort of an outdoor enthusiast's living room with this wintery print by Frances Walker.

A true icon of the fabulous city of London and a view to admire for everyone. Materialise those memories with this iconic print by Paul Hogarth.

Tower Bridge

Paul Hogarth

Tower Bridge