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Fin de Otoño, 2014 Fin de Otoño, 2014 “Fin de otoño translates from Spanish into ‘End of Autumn’ . This oil on canvas was created mostly with a painting knife and embodies the feeling of nature’s e... The Faun, 2016 The Faun, 2016 “'The Faun' is a sculpture based on the mythical creature, The Faun. A Faun was a mythical being crossed between a human and a goat, often the lower half being... The Yellow London Bedroom Where I Learnt to be Happy Alone The Yellow London Bedroom... “Part of my 'bedroom' series which celebrates memories spent in the different bedrooms that I have lived in, this linocut is a remembrance of the special space... Humming Around Humming Around “I have always been a good observator/contemplator of life and its movement, nature and humans, but in this particular moment of my artistic life I can't stop p... After The Rain Came, 2016 After The Rain Came, 2016 “'After the Rain Came' is an abstract Landscape full of expression, inspired by the way flowers glisten colours intensify after summer rain.” Modern Art Typography Painting on A4 Paper, 2016 Modern Art Typography Pain... “I love creating inventive typography and fonts and planning them out by hand like an old-school graphic designer. So for this piece I simply took the word 'art... Tiny Planet "8 trees and a snow", 2016 Tiny Planet "8 trees and a... “My Tiny Planet painting series is inspired by polar panorama perspective which wraps our flat vision of the world around us into the surreal tiny spherical pla... Father's Day, 2016 Father's Day, 2016 “This piece conveys sweet memories of childhood and fatherhood... Father's Day is another opportunity to say "thank you" to our dads. Traditionally it is the th... Ready to Fly Far Away, 2016 Ready to Fly Far Away, 201... “These are only few days when you can catch the moment when dandelions are already white and fluffy but the wind hasn't broken their heads yet. In some kind of... Sweet Surrender, 2016 Sweet Surrender, 2016 “When I am standing at my easel, brush, pencil or similar utensil in my hand, there is only one thing (other than the art itself) that is of any importance to m... Wait for me!, 2015 Wait for me!, 2015 “I love trams! These orange ones are built here in Milan and are so economically functional that you can even see them trundling along the streets of San Franci... Bluebells, 2016 Bluebells, 2016 “Every spring, without fail bluebells appear around the edges of my garden. Uninvited but most welcome, I can't help but smile at their presence; they always gi... Momento, 2016 Momento, 2016 “One day I saw a forest...water between trees...and then I drew it with beautiful colors. This was a wonderful moment, my moment. Months and months of work, lay... Faceless, 2016 Faceless, 2016 “He was there waiting terror in his eyes. Expectations, visions, ideas.” The Beating Heart, 2016 The Beating Heart, 2016 “The art here expresses the way in which our minds can drift into an absolute state of meditative thought. While in this state of consciousness we dive deep int... Sunshine on a rainy day: St Paul's ( LIMITED EDITION 1/10) 30"x45", 2016 Sunshine on a rainy day: S... “I took this photo on a bright rainy Sunday morning within London's square mile. I love how these raindrops have created a beautiful/abstract effect on a very i... AVE PHOENIX, 2016 AVE PHOENIX, 2016 “For me, it's the symbol of the glory, honor, power and strength. I like the way when he opens his large wings and reflects this bright strong fire light when h... Impressionist Seascape from Holland - Original Oil Painting, 2016 Impressionist Seascape fro... “Recently, I was on the Dutch coast for a painting holiday, and we painted the seas and skies as a group. The weather was highly unpredictable, extremely windy... Guardians of the Sea, 2016 Guardians of the Sea, 2016 “Oh the white seagull, the bold seagull, He makes on the shore his nest, And he tries what the inland fields may be, But he loveth the sea the best!” Landscape "Sunny Day", 2015 Landscape "Sunny Day", 201... “I live in Holland and days are usually colored in gray here... so we take every sunny day as a gift. In this painting is all my love for that kind of weather: Festival Of Sharing Love (100 x 100 cm), 2016 Festival Of Sharing Love ( “This large colorful piece is inspired by the color festival "Holi" in India where people chase and color each other with dry powder and colored water. The fest... Rainy sketches(on jazz)-XI Rainy sketches(on jazz)-XI “Eroticism is one of the oldest themes in history, visual arts, poetry, drama, music. Each artist in different periods of their development explored this theme Petal Burst, 2016 Petal Burst, 2016 “Inspired by the glorious flowers of spring time popping to life and spreading their beautiful colours around the garden. I used ink, oil acrylic paint to crea... Searching Soul, 2016 Searching Soul, 2016 “Incomplete An incomplete soul. Searching Searching. Can never be whole. An incomplete soul. Seemingly, missing pieces. It's hard to know.” Nature 3653, 2016 Nature 3653, 2016 “This small painting is part of a series of paintings where it is more important to the appearance, color rendering, textures, marks, and scratches on the surfa... Distraction from a cheesecake, 2016 Distraction from a cheesec... “Temptation is all around us especially when your art studio is in your home so sometimes we need to use creation as a distraction! A welcome distraction which... Hill Head I, 2016 Hill Head I, 2016 “This painting depicts the view from Hill Head on the Hampshire coast across to the Isle of Wight observed at low tide on a sunny Spring evening as the sun is s... Fire's clash - Original abstract painting, oil on canvas, 2015 Fire's clash - Original ab... “The contrast of warm colours to cool colours, such as the combination of a complex personality, the antipodes united in a single image. I express in my paintin... Casta Diva, 2016 Casta Diva, 2016 “This painting was literally dictated to me by the soft and powerful voice of a singer. Music was pouring into my room and unusual lines and figures were being... This is not a piece of pie, 2015 This is not a piece of pie... “"I want to astonish Paris with an apple," Paul Cezanne once said. This simple statement has stayed with me, no matter where art had taken me. In art school, th...

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