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60-Second Interviews

Paola Minekov

in 60-Second Interviews

We caught up with Bulgarian-born, London-based artist Paola Minekov to talk about her work and inspiration. In the last few years Paola has been involved in a number of high profile public art projects; in 2012 she created the Colourful World Egg for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, raising more than £4300 for charity. She is currently working on a large scale mosaic at the Institute of Education in London, as well as painting Twiggi (the intu elephant) for the upcoming Elephant Parade UK National Tour.

William Oxer

in 60-Second Interviews

William Oxer has been a professional painter for over 25 years, undertaking regular portrait commissions and numerous exhibitions. Most of his paintings are acrylic on canvas in a romantic and traditional style. Often his artworks carry hidden meaning and complex allusions to mythology, philosophy, or classical and religious iconography. His paintings employ subtle allusions and themes such as ‘perfect love’ and the notion of passion as expressed in tales such as Troilus and Cressida and Romeo and Juliet.

Czar Catstick

in 60-Second Interviews

Czar Catstick is an Award-Winning Digital Artist - trained in Photography, Graphics, Television, Film & Video Post-Production and Special Effects. He specialises in portraits using various techniques and images to create his final piece. His inspiration comes from a passing moment, just like the time when he saw Vivienne Westwood ride past him in Battersea on her bike. She was the muse behind his piece ' God Save the Dame'

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Featured Stories

Come Fall, 2015 Come Fall, 2015 “This newest addition to my "Klimt-esque" series of tree paintings brings to mind the fading of summer and the onset of fall with it's rich autumnal colors and... Full Bloom 3, 2015 Full Bloom 3, 2015 “This is one in a series of large scale oil paintings depicting roses from the gardens at Kew. Visiting Kew in mid-summer, I found the rose gardens in full bloo... The Blood Moon, Norfolk, England, 2015 The Blood Moon, Norfolk, E... “The Blood Moon of September 2015 was a special event that is rarely repeated. The next is in 2033 AD. This image was captured after a long night, during the pe... Over the Dunes, 2015 Over the Dunes, 2015 “"Over the Dunes" was recently painted on location in Seaside, OR. One of my favorite places to go for a mini vacation is the Oregon coast. I had a blast painti... "Raku Teal II", 2015 "Raku Teal II", 2015 “My "Raku" series incorporates my love of raku pottery, my fascination of Japanese Kanji symbols, and my passion in woodworking. I use acrylic texture that res... Charlotte's Autumn, 2015 Charlotte's Autumn, 2015 “My young family love watching my paintings change and develop and offer critique and advice daily. My six year old kept asking me "Why does Autumn HAVE to be r... Fan Girl, 2011 Fan Girl, 2011 “"She dreams her life away with the objects of her desires." I was remembering those teenage crushes on pop stars - I LOVED The Monkees - and how so much of my... Nature's pace, 2015 Nature's pace, 2015 “This abstract artwork was inspired by the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem Pied Beauty. Hopkins wrote “Glory be to God for dappled things”, which brings to mind the... The Garden Beyond The Wall, 2015 The Garden Beyond The Wall... "Often when I am out and about looking for inspiration , I find it in hidden corners or neglected areas of local parks and gardens, its the wild areas that te... Frank's Rocks, 2015 Frank's Rocks, 2015 “I grew up in a small California town called Carmel-by-the-sea - an ideal place for an artist to grow up, with breathtaking vistas around each bend. These are... The Man in the Blue Jumper, 2011 The Man in the Blue Jumper... "This is a painting of a man I saw walk past my window in Falmouth, Cornwall in 2011. He stuck in my memory for a few hours after due to the way he stared into... Ming Vase, 2015 Ming Vase, 2015 “Ceramics are a goldmine of inspiration for me. They contain a myriad patterns that have inspired many works of mine. And this vase from the VA museum is just s... Fragments, 2015 Fragments, 2015 “This artwork is an abstract/conceptual painting, working and inspired by natural shapes and forms from multiple origins. The result is the synthesis of all of... After the rain, 2015 After the rain, 2015 “After a heavy downpour the sky appears in extraordinary colours and the drenched fields and flowers reflect the magical light. In this dreamy landscape I have... Greta, 2015 Greta, 2015 “This four colour screen print is of the historic Thames Sailing Barge 'Greta', a familiar sight for residents of Whitstable in Kent where she takes day tripper... PINE CONE, 2015 PINE CONE, 2015 “I am very inspired by natural fruits and cones, especially those of the Mediterranean. With their amazing forms and structures they look to me as natural sculp... Round the Island, 2015 Round the Island, 2015 “Representing a collection of yachts finding their position at the start of a regatta, this round-the-island race is held every year at Cowes, the Isle of Wight... "A Connection" canvas gallery art ready to hang, 2015 "A Connection" canvas gall... “Billowing shirts branch across the capital city of Nicosia, Cyprus, representing connections between people and countries. This pieces forms part of an install... Grapes, 2015 Grapes, 2015 “It is early autumn now, sunny warm days, trees just touched by the red and yellow paints of the fall. This is the time for grapes to show themselves through th... Aqua Meadow, 2015 Aqua Meadow, 2015 “This abstract piece was painted with a great about of love, ink, oil acrylic paint on a box canvas in Brighton. I really enjoy experimenting with ink...lettin... Sliced! - Original Still Life, 2015 Sliced! - Original Still L... “I usually try to work in a series, and love to see how my creativity works within a limited framework. It is extremely fulfilling to come up with as many arran... Never be Mine, 2015 Never be Mine, 2015 “Having always been fascinated by the well known rhyme "One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for... Archibalding, 2012 Archibalding, 2012 “Meet Archie, short for Archibald... and then lengthened again to 'Archibalding' due to his ever-increasing loss of fur! Born some time between 1935 and 1952 (h... Tweet Tweet, 2015 Tweet Tweet, 2015 “This piece has a rich history of layers. It was started in the Spring and began as a colourful mix of collage to which one large bird was added. Layers were ad... Midnight Concert, 2015 Midnight Concert, 2015 "It was late evening as I viewed the Basilica Di San Marco in the worlds most enchanting city - Venice. Then as we strolled through the grand square I became aw... "Spring Dance II", 2014 "Spring Dance II", 2014 “One early morning, while I was riding my bike along a country road, out at the bottoms in Arcata, California and saw this colorful field of wild mustard. Past... 61, 2015 61, 2015 “This piece is a real landmark for me - it took 8 months to complete, painstakingly completing each fish - with more than five layers, considering very carefull... Tour of Britain 2015 Stage 1, 2015 Tour of Britain 2015 Stage... “I am a cycling fan and follow all the races. They give me an opportunity to create dynamic oil paintings of events. I really like to focus on the local tours a... Now or Never, 2015 Now or Never, 2015 “Now or Never is part of my geometric series. These geometric abstract oil paintings explore the subtle balance between order and chaos, darkness and light, str... Majestic Elephant IV, 2015 Majestic Elephant IV, 2015 “A recent watercolor portrait of a majestic African Elephant, painted quite expressively; with fine mist of color spatter used to mimic texture of the leathery...

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