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Focus on Chinese Artists

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Over the last few decades, Chinese contemporary artists have become an essential part of the international art scene, and have injected excitement, innovation, and energy. Some artists, such as Ai Weiwei, have become political art celebrities. Others, such as Zhang Xiaogang and Zeng Fanzhi, are now among the most expensive artists alive. But contemporary Chinese art is so much more, and to celebrate the Chinese new year, we’re thrilled to introduce some of the Chinese artists on Artfinder. Equipped with unrivalled skills and an urge to explore new avenues, they have impressed us not only with their art, but also with their absolute professionalism. Never before has it been easier to enjoy the Chinese art revolution.

A Painting A Day

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The new 2014 'daily painting' project from Julian Sutherland-Beatson is underway! Continuing a project begun in 2008 with a different theme each year, 'At Home and Abroad' will comprise acrylic paintings of the countryside, coastline and urban areas of the UK and abroad. The paintings are offered for sale on the day of painting exclusively through Artfinder.

Guest Curator: OscarAlexander

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Celebrity hair and makeup designer OscarAlexander Lundberg has adorned some of the world’s most recognisable faces, and has been featured in publications including Vogue, Harpaar’s Bazaar, Glamour, Tatler, and The Sunday Times. Starting out his career as a model in Sweden, he quickly realised he enjoyed working behind the camera more than in front of it, and has since worked with the likes of Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield, Vince Kidd, Sadie Frost, Sally Phillips and the cast of SKINS. We asked OscarAlexander to pick his favourite works on Artfinder, and tell us a bit about his inspirations.

Whaam! Comic Book Art

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When twentieth century icon Roy Lichtenstein painted comic book scenes on a scale never before seen, he lifted the comic strip style into the realm of “Fine Art”. It was a bold move that changed the course of art forever. In anticipation of Tate Modern’s major survey Lichtenstein: A Retrospective, we take a look at art inspired by the mighty comic. Ka-Boom!

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Hill Head I, 2016 Hill Head I, 2016 “This painting depicts the view from Hill Head on the Hampshire coast across to the Isle of Wight observed at low tide on a sunny Spring evening as the sun is s... Fire's clash - Original abstract painting, oil on canvas, 2015 Fire's clash - Original ab... “The contrast of warm colours to cool colours, such as the combination of a complex personality, the antipodes united in a single image. I express in my paintin... Casta Diva, 2016 Casta Diva, 2016 “This painting was literally dictated to me by the soft and powerful voice of a singer. Music was pouring into my room and unusual lines and figures were being... This is not a piece of pie, 2015 This is not a piece of pie... “"I want to astonish Paris with an apple," Paul Cezanne once said. This simple statement has stayed with me, no matter where art had taken me. In art school, th... "Sweet Escapes", 2016 "Sweet Escapes", 2016 “It was created with the actual title in mind, "Sweet Escapes" I sometimes find a title for a piece first, and then use the title for inspiration for the painti... A Song of the Field, 2016 A Song of the Field, 2016 “Many people paint roses and peonies. Some paint lilac and tulips. As for me I have always loved all sorts of field flowers. They seem to be simple but they hav... Donkey Days, 2016 Donkey Days, 2016 "This painting reminds me of being on holiday when the sun is shining in the clear blue sky and the donkeys are usually sweltering in the heat- this donkey does... Anywhere, 2016 Anywhere, 2016 "I love painting landscapes and seascapes, they offer the opportunity to play with colour and texture and let my imagination run free." Brittlegill Mushroom, 2014 Brittlegill Mushroom, 2014 "A framed drawing of a Brittlegill mushroom created as part of a series of foraged mushroom and exhibited at the Dundee Botanical Gardens during the Dundee Scie... Pi, 2016 Pi, 2016 “Pi progresses the idea of using prefabricated materials with the added dimension of drawing, bringing a more human touch to this piece compared to iCons. I am... The Bookworm, 2016 The Bookworm, 2016 “I think cosying up with a good book is a true pleasure, and wanted to create a print which reflected that. My best friend is also a massive book lover, so was... Queen Bee, 2016 Queen Bee, 2016 “While the Queen is lazying around with cupcakes and a milkshake, it's work as usual for the busy males. It looks like bees have got many things right (as well... EMOTIONAL SYMPHONY II - Vibrant Sensual Energy, 2016 EMOTIONAL SYMPHONY II - V... “Created with a sense of euphoric emotion and sensual energy derived from the interaction between the very nature of the materials I have used.” Rain Project: Amsterdam after rain, 2015 Rain Project: Amsterdam af... “When I approach a theme like a street scene, a city scape, or a landscape, I'm not interested in depict stones, rocks, walls, pavements or bridges. I treat it... Childlike, 2016 Childlike, 2016 “I believe the pursuit of happiness is the right of every human being. I seek and pursue in capturing the memories that bring happiness through the exercise of... Morning stars, 2016 Morning stars, 2016 “It's such a beautiful spring this year in Toronto. It came reluctantly, full of cold, rainy days and cloudy skies, but exploded the fresh sweet aromas of sprin... Expression, 2016 Expression, 2016 “This piece was painted to capture the expression of a male, and to convey his emotion through body language.” Cottage Garden, flowers - "Tranquil Haven", 2016 Cottage Garden, flowers - “As thoughts turn to relaxing in the summer sun. What could be better than finding a haven such as the country cottage garden? Where summer is truly alive!” Foxes in the Sun Triptych, 2016 Foxes in the Sun Triptych “A family of foxes sunbathes on the lawn at the back of my house. I sketched and photographed them over several months. It proved quite a challenge, as I was de... Ocean Layers, 2016 Ocean Layers, 2016 “A rich abstract contemporary seascape. Inspired by the views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight in the South of England. Layers and layers of sea. Layers a... Passion in the dark, 2016 Passion in the dark, 2016 “When dancing becomes passion, then the body becomes the means through which it is expressed.... Movement and harmony, power and emotion are enough to give the... Rise And Shine, 2016 Rise And Shine, 2016 “This artwork was inspired by dreamy thoughts of summer when Meadows are bursting with life basking beneath the suns glow.” Soprano, 2016 Soprano, 2016 “'We rise by lifting others' was the thought floating around in my head as I started painting one morning this week, while the sun was still rising and everythi... Impressionist Seascape from Holland - Original Oil Painting, 2016 Impressionist Seascape fro... “Recently, I was at the Dutch coast for a painting holiday, and we painted the seas and skies as a group. The weather was highly unpredictable, extremely windy... Cascada 1, 2016 Cascada 1, 2016 “How beautiful is to see a waterfall? How it sounds? 'Cascada' pretends to transport you to that relaxing place that you love to visit... that place that gives... Voyeur, 2016 Voyeur, 2016 “Painted partly from a live model and partly from the imagination. In this painting I wanted to capture a "voyeuristic" point of view to show that even seemingl... Secret garden, 2016 Secret garden, 2016 “Everyone has a secret garden, a corner of the world, however small, to take refuge and feel protected, in absolute peace and in harmony with the rhythm of the... The last sunset of 2015, 2015 The last sunset of 2015, 2... “It was the last day of 2015, and here are normally a lot of snow on the street, But this time, there was no snow, but the ground was cold and absolutely clear... Nude Behind Shower Glass, 2016 Nude Behind Shower Glass “I'm fascinated by the endlessly malleable curves and lines of the human body. I'm particularly attracted to portraying the nude in block print for the way that... Comet, 2016 Comet, 2016 “A study of a cat, when this fella was a kitten he was a little ball of electricity, always on the go, running, jumping, climbing and earning the name COMET, 12...