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The last sunset of 2015, 2015 The last sunset of 2015, 2... “It was the last day of 2015, and here are normally a lot of snow on the street, But this time, there was no snow, but the ground was cold and absolutely clear... Nude Behind Shower Glass, 2016 Nude Behind Shower Glass “I'm fascinated by the endlessly malleable curves and lines of the human body. I'm particularly attracted to portraying the nude in block print for the way that... Comet, 2016 Comet, 2016 “A study of a cat, when this fella was a kitten he was a little ball of electricity, always on the go, running, jumping, climbing and earning the name COMET, 12... Towards Enlightenment, 2016 Towards Enlightenment, 201... “This Abstract impressionistic painting depicts the journey of 3 Burmese monks to the mystical land of Shambala to learn and absorb the higher teachings of the... Tracks of the Earth, 2016 Tracks of the Earth, 2016 “A thickly layered abstract painting of a subterranean landscape. I have been inspired by the layers of soil found in the earth, each with a different colour an... Waves of Music, 2016 Waves of Music, 2016 “As I embarked on abstracts, I wanted to keep the richness of colour and a sense of understanding of the art work. I think "Waves of Music" just does that. Love... "Elixir", 2016 "Elixir", 2016 “Passion makes the old medicine new: Passion lops off the bough of weariness. Passion is the elixir that renews: how can there be weariness when passion is pres... Flower Dance, 2016 Flower Dance, 2016 “As spring arrives it brings with it the hope of new life and also the organic 'pick and mix' of grasses, flowers and plant life. This organic abstract art show... Take Flight, 2015 Take Flight, 2015 “Imagine waking up to the sound of Hippo grunting, birds singing and crickets chirping - that is what surrounds you in the great African bush. Where your worrie... SUNBATHING COWS, 2014 SUNBATHING COWS, 2014 “An amusing colour photographic print of cows sunbathing on a sandy beach in Tarifa, Southern Spain. This image was taken during a photographic assignment to Sp... "Afternoon Delight", 2015 "Afternoon Delight", 2015 “Like the popular song of the same title, this piece shouts with a playful whimsy. Upon closer inspection, there is an underlying depth and emotion that holds... Beautiful Day, 2016 Beautiful Day, 2016 “Although my paintings always represent the sea and/or the clouds, the outcome is never sure. The painting itself dictates how it's gonna look like and it is ch... A Misty Forest Walk 4, 2016 A Misty Forest Walk 4, 201... “A stunning painting that will delight the viewer and enhance any room. A couple walk through the misty forest together underneath a red umbrella on a wet and m... Frangipani, 2016 Frangipani, 2016 “Inspired by the colours of autumn, multiple bright colour washes were applied over a very heavily textured base in my signature style to create a deep saturati... La Sévre Niortaise, 2016 La Sévre Niortaise, 2016 “I guess I am often drawn to water scenes, and I painted this view of the Niortaise river as it flows through La Mothe-Saint-Heray on it's way down to the city... Poppies, 2016 Poppies, 2016 "Soft original painting of red poppies on paper using acrylic, inks and a little gold glitter. The floral painting is bursting with energy and life." Radha's joyful dance, 2013 Radha's joyful dance, 2013 “This painting was inspired by "Gopi Geeth" from "Bhagavatam" a devotional book of the Hindus in India. Gopi Geeth is about the love the Gopis feel for Krishna... Mineral Fusions 1, 2014 Mineral Fusions 1, 2014 “This is one of a set of two abstract works. As a member of Green Door Artists who are Artists in residence at Kendal Museum, I had the opportunity to spend tim... Holy water, 2015 Holy water, 2015 “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water alw... 60 Letters of Love, 2016 60 Letters of Love, 2016 “Artwork featuring 60 genuine love notes hidden within miniature glass bottles. It is both innocent and intimate at the same time.” Follow the light, 2015 Follow the light, 2015 “I love dynamic weather, when the mountain is unpredictable! In such days the landscape is changing so fast, as if watching a movie - the mist is racing with th... Mandarin with blue fabric, 2016 Mandarin with blue fabric “I wanted to convey the feel of the bumpy mandarin's skin and softness of the fabric in this little painting of a mandarin with blue floral fabric. The harmony... Girdeco, 2016 Girdeco, 2016 “Lofty the giraffe is famous in his hometown of I can't tell you where (I signed a disclosure form.) He got tired of all the photographs being taken so decided... Seven Leaves of Bamboo, 2015 Seven Leaves of Bamboo, 20... “Bamboo is amazing. The beautiful drooping leaves of bamboo symbolise tranquility and simplicity.” Feel the distance, 2016 Feel the distance, 2016 “This painting is inspired by the beautiful view from my family's weekend get away location. You can feel the atmosphere, air, and distance...” Misty young forest with triangle, 2016 Misty young forest with tr... “An expressive, moving, spontaneous, semi-abstract landscape. It is a continuation of the landscape series, started during the Rain Collective Project, on Artfi... Street scene, 2016 Street scene, 2016 “The city life is expressed through the main streets used by people who are unaware, cross each, exchange fleeting glances, greet each other remote, wrapped in... Rhino Mother and Child, 2016 Rhino Mother and Child, 20... “I wanted to show both the fearsome, formidable animal preparing to charge; I also wanted to reveal the vulnerable mother and her child, trying to survive. I ch... ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE/ Spring fusion (large art), 2016 ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE/ Spring... “This abstract painting was created using oil and acrylic on stretched canvas. Lovely and energetic combination of orange, brown, yellow, purple and white creat... The Raven, 2015 The Raven, 2015 “Ravens are very smart. They use their beaks as we use our fingers. They point with their beaks to indicate an object. They can use different tools, mimic human...