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Glass Reflections with thistles 1, 2015 Glass Reflections with thi... “Glass Reflections with thistles 1 is part of my popular 'Glass Reflection' range. Glass objects are placed on a mirrored surface so the colours and shapes are... I am the Queen I am the Queen “Stella has stayed with us for almost ten years now. Most of the time she is very friendly with the people she meets, but sometimes she is also like a Queen, es... Humbird on original 1882 map, 2016 Humbird on original 1882 m... “I collect maps, and other things too but mainly maps. I wonder at the cartographer's skill and marvel at their beauty. I don't always paint on originals, somet... Rose Quartz Summer, 2016 Rose Quartz Summer, 2016 “As a child I used to collect stones with quartz in them, loving the dual nature of the stone. Brighton was a favourite location for sourcing the stones, as wel... Modesty Modesty “Under the lace veil preserving modesty, the pale snow of canvas brings forth the light.” The Breath of the Ocean VII The Breath of the Ocean VI... “Have you ever heard enchanting and soothing breath of the ocean? It fills you with calmness and harmony, clear vision, eternal wisdom and creative power. Liste... La luce di una calla, 2016 La luce di una calla, 2016 “Capture light. The light of a calla. For a painter or a photographer capturing light of the subject chosen is the main purpose. I tried to seize the moment in... Weaved Woods II, 2016 Weaved Woods II, 2016 “This work shows my photographic post processing digital manipulation close to painting and drawing where imagination and dreams become part of the canvas. A cr... Evening, 2016 Evening, 2016 “So many secrets, griefs, discontent and despair are gabbed in darkness as the evening progresses so that a new day can begin with a ray of hope. Such an evenin... Pretty Lines 6, 2016 Pretty Lines 6, 2016 “I explore the female face in this cheeky series named Pretty Lines; this is the 6th image in the series. The bold use of an idiosyncratic colour pallet of blue... Distracted dreams II - Original abstract painting, oil on canvas, 2016 Distracted dreams II - Or... “"A distracted dream" is the vision born of a imagine I had in my dreams during the night. They come back in my mind, the dreams, taking with him the emotions o... The Fast And The Furious And The Dead (140 x 70 cm), 2016 The Fast And The Furious A... “In this large piece I restricted myself to mostly black and white and let the dynamic of the composition speak to the viewer. Strong strokes of thick paint wer... Glacier, 2016 Glacier, 2016 “Inspired by a trip to the glaciers of Chamonix, in France, "la mer de glace" (an ocean of ice) captures the icy blues and sparkly whites and silvers of the Fre... A Path to Heaven, 2016 A Path to Heaven, 2016 “This is a lively abstract painting inspired by mood rather than imagery. I wrestled with this painting for a while, it would not come to life initially, As alw... Heartbeat, 2015 Heartbeat, 2015 “Ivy rescues all abandoned places, rebuilds the realm of nature. In my work I am very attracted and inspired by natural elements, and nature as a soul healing p... A patient Collie, 2016 A patient Collie, 2016 “This is a painting based on my Welsh Border Collie Arthur, who when waiting crosses his legs and watches every move you make. I loved the prim posture and want... Senza Titolo 140, 2016 Senza Titolo 140, 2016 “Life with the passage of time will loose his naturalness, his brilliance, his vivacity and elements will flake; but memory is all in the folds that our life ho... Lovers, 2016 Lovers, 2016 “I've always loved the story of the couple who loved each other so much that when they died, they became one tree and continued their life together.” Immersed, 2016 Immersed, 2016 “In this piece I wanted to capture how the feeling of being immersed in water is a near out of world experience when it comes to its effects on the mind and bod... Notte Insonne (120 × 150 × 3.8 cm), 2016 Notte Insonne (120 × 150... “​Insonne was inspired by the novel 'Anna Karenina', a classic story of doomed love by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The title 'Notte Inso​nn​e' ('Sleepless N... Lover's Bay, 2016 Lover's Bay, 2016 “This painting captures a Seascape of Clallam Bay in Washington state right at dusk. The colors are dreamlike, lasting for just a few minutes. You hold hands wi... Turbulance, 2015 Turbulance, 2015 “This piece is inspired by life and the misery within. Turbulence is the one of unavoidable truths of life. It consists of music of pain and happiness together... AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, 2014 AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, 2014 “A homage to Betty Grable who, during WWII, was known as America's Sweetheart. This image of her was the most popular pin-up of that time. For myself I think of... Daidalos First Try (edition of 30) 3 sold, 2013 Daidalos First Try (editi... “I have always been fascinated by the story of Icarus and Daedalus - the strong desire to fly toward the sun and then the inevitable downfall. How human, how st... Morning Serenade (red edition), Handmade, Original Linocut, 2016 Morning Serenade (red edit... “My dog Taylor loves walking past this farm every morning, and there are always a cluck of chickens and flock of geese milling about. One day there was this cro... Catch & Release, 2016 Catch & Release, 2016 “Capturing my emotions and releasing them through creativity... Catch and release. The place I go to that is necessary to find out who I am.. Life's mystery. Wh... Blue Bank, 2016 Blue Bank, 2016 “Another work in the Bluebell series, inspired by wonderful walks through local woodlands in the springtime. To create this work I have used heavy body acrylic... Solitude, 2016 Solitude, 2016 “This tree who stands solitude in the landscape is known by all the people of the near villages in Drenthe, Netherlands. In this beautiful grassland he is the k... 3 MONKS & VISION OF BUDDHA, 2016 3 MONKS & VISION OF BUDDHA... “This highly textured painting depicts the vision of a vast form of tranquil Buddha (against the canvas of the overhead sky) bestowed onto the 3 Burmese monks w... Fin de Otoño, 2014 Fin de Otoño, 2014 “Fin de otoño translates from Spanish into ‘End of Autumn’ . This oil on canvas was created mostly with a painting knife and embodies the feeling of nature’s e...