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Paola Minekov

in 60-Second Interviews

We caught up with Bulgarian-born, London-based artist Paola Minekov to talk about her work and inspiration. In the last few years Paola has been involved in a number of high profile public art projects; in 2012 she created the Colourful World Egg for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, raising more than £4300 for charity. She is currently working on a large scale mosaic at the Institute of Education in London, as well as painting Twiggi (the intu elephant) for the upcoming Elephant Parade UK National Tour.

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If flowers could be fireworks, 2015 If flowers could be firewo... "I absolutely adore Hydrangeas! I love the way they burst into bloom. As an artist and gardener I am intrigued by how their colour can be manipulated depending... Pond Life, 2015 Pond Life, 2015 “This piece is inspired by the colours and movement within a pond that I photographed on an overcast day. I was amazed at the vibrancy of colour that leapt out... The Bluebird of Happiness 24" x 12", 2015 The Bluebird of Happiness... "With the stress of holiday preparations, sometimes we forget the good times are just around the corner. Maybe the blues are a messenger that happiness is right... Reef City, 2015 Reef City, 2015 “I love to dive. When I cannot dive, I create my own special reef. I deep dive in my work and create that feeling of total quietness and tranquility, which can... Light Through Forest, 2015 Light Through Forest, 2015 "A rich impressionistic little painting using oil inks to create a sense of calm using warm colours orange, terracotta, red, brown against a bright light sour... True Friends, 2015 True Friends, 2015 “This is a painting of a meadow of daisies and buttercups, gently moving in the summer breeze. This meadow reminds me of spending carefree childhood days with t... La Lune, 2014 La Lune, 2014 “Mr Hare is keeping a watchful eye while the full moon lights the way. This limited edition Lino cut depicts the hare as if it's just been caught unawares. I lo... The Awakening, 2015 The Awakening, 2015 "This artwork is special to me because it was whilst painting this piece that I understood my reason to be here. The realisation came that I'm here to give colo... Red Berries, 2005 Red Berries, 2005 "I sometimes like isolating the subject of my wildlife paintings against a blank background to accentuate the detail and beauty of the animal without distractio... Waratah's dreams, 2015 Waratah's dreams, 2015 "This painting continues my new series of paintings inspired by Japanese origami art. I am fascinated with geometry of natural form. I like the play of light an... 'Perfection', 2014 'Perfection', 2014 “I saw these lovely roses displayed in a florist's window and was immediately drawn to their gorgeous blooms. They were so perfect, the petals so soft and velve... Patchwork Hills Patchwork Hills “Looking across the vast and isolated hillsides of the Howgill Fells there are small areas of divided fields that create the look of a patchwork quilt draped ov... Roman Forum, First Light, 2015 Roman Forum, First Light “I rose just after 5am to paint a small watercolour in my sketchbook to capture the first rays of sunlight catching the ancient columns of the temple ruins. Eve... Tango in the Square, 2015 Tango in the Square, 2015 “This original artwork depicts a romantic image of a couple dancing the Argentine tango in a picturesque town. I enjoyed capturing the play of light and shade i... Seascape - Deep Sea, 2015 Seascape - Deep Sea, 2015 “I love nature and its ability to transform us. I particularly enjoy watching water - seas, oceans, lakes and their calming, soothing nature. It reminds us of o... Aspen Trees in Winter - A Few Leaves Left To Shed, 2015 Aspen Trees in Winter - A... “Whatever wind blows, while they and I have leaves, We cannot other than an aspen be, That ceaselessly, unreasonably grieves, Or so men think who like a differe... Still life with lemons and bowl, 2015 Still life with lemons and... "Lemons are often a symbol of friendship in art, where the cut lemon can denote friendship turned sour, this painting denotes the special friendship that will r... Through The Poppy Field, 2015 Through The Poppy Field, 2... “A great amount of love, ink, oil and acrylic paint was used to create this abstract poppy piece. This piece was painted in the heart of Hampshire with the hono... Tangled Up In Blue, 2015 Tangled Up In Blue, 2015 "'Tangled Up In Blue' is the third in a 'Beach Life' series and depicts a scene which could be found anywhere along the Suffolk coastline. An inquisitive young... Transitions (Wood Relief), 2015 Transitions (Wood Relief) "With this work I wanted to create a field of pure colour, built up in layers of varying tonal intensity with subtle gradations giving way to warm accents of or... Lover's Eye #3, 2015 Lover's Eye #3, 2015 "Portrait miniatures mounted as brooches, pendants, or lockets were popular items of jewellery during the 18th century. Towards the end of the century, an unusu... Moorland, 2015 Moorland, 2015 “I love the tones of the moorland landscape: the purple heathers and dried grasses and the dramatic scenery of the moors set against a big sky.” Blackhorse Road, 2015 Blackhorse Road, 2015 “The tunnels of the London Underground have long provided me with a fascinating and captivating subject matter. I love the lines, the shapes and the colours - w... Reality Exposed, 2015 Reality Exposed, 2015 “I loved using this technique to expose a second gold painting underneath the rich, aquatic blues on the surface. This painting is striking in any orientation a... Tahitian Convicts in the Jungle #2, 2015 Tahitian Convicts in the J... “This painting is the second of a series of paintings exploring the ''Tahitian Convicts in the jungle'' thematic. The series brings together an abstract idea of... El mejor del mundo, 2015 El mejor del mundo, 2015 “This piece is a mixed media painting made of old newspaper, notepaper and sheet music. Most of them were found in country houses from the 1920s to 1940s. Some... Treetops and shadows, 2015 Treetops and shadows, 2015 “I used to live in Grocka, suburbs of Belgrade, by Danube river. Its banks were decorated with vineyards, peach, apple and apricot orchards that changed colours... Golden hour gossip! - Sunlit Still Life in Oils, 2015 Golden hour gossip! - Sunl... “I love painting sunlight and brightly lit still lifes, but I had never painted the evening light until now. My studio window is east facing, so when I paint in... / pumpkins /, 2015 / pumpkins /, 2015 “A great level of detail has gone into this still life. Very bright. Spicy. Yum!” Rain on The Sea, 2015 Rain on The Sea, 2015 “A beautiful abstracted watercolour painting called Rain on the Sea. Made by adding multiple layers of watercolour paint. The work incorporates iridescent wate...

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