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Paola Minekov

in 60-Second Interviews

We caught up with Bulgarian-born, London-based artist Paola Minekov to talk about her work and inspiration. In the last few years Paola has been involved in a number of high profile public art projects; in 2012 she created the Colourful World Egg for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt, raising more than £4300 for charity. She is currently working on a large scale mosaic at the Institute of Education in London, as well as painting Twiggi (the intu elephant) for the upcoming Elephant Parade UK National Tour.

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Between Four trees, 2016 Between Four trees, 2016 “In 2014 I was asked to paint live at Liverpool Street Station in London to help promote the Victoria Alberts upcoming exhibition 'Constable: The Making of a M... City coast, 2015 City coast, 2015 “'City Coast' is a painting of a coastal city with warm sunset getting ready to color streets, buildings and snow white yacht sails. It is no specific city, jus... Lunar Sunset, 2016 Lunar Sunset, 2016 “This piece was inspired by Tim Peake's visit to the International Space Station. I use photographs as my source material for all of my images. These are digita... She's Nobody's Fool, 2015 She's Nobody's Fool, 2015 “'She's Nobody's Fool' is an exploration of the face and expression as cultural iconography. The subjects are derived from existing photographic sources; the re... Secret In The Sky, 2015 Secret In The Sky, 2015 “Secret in the Sky is about gaining perspective on your life. When I started this painting, at first I couldn't connect to it. I felt too close to really see it... Carnival - Bonfires, 2016 Carnival - Bonfires, 2016 “At the southern rim of the Alps, it is an ancient tradition to have huge bonfires assembled uphill during carnival season. The fires in ancient times were supp... LOST IN A SUNSET..., 2016 LOST IN A SUNSET..., 2016 “'Lost in a Sunset' is a beautiful, romantic piece bathed in glowing light, color, textures, energy and much love. Lively and spontaneous brush strokes were use... Etched Upon My Memory, 2015 Etched Upon My Memory, 201... “Etched Upon My Memory is the latest in my series of portraits of Becky Holt. Becky is iconic within the tattoo community and has a face recognisable the world... No Time To Think No Time To Think “Painting is one passion in my life, skiing - is the other. As a young person, I was trained in competitive cross-country skiing, now I teach my children on the... Fioritura, 2015 Fioritura, 2015 “Fioritura, Italian for "flourish", or "flowering" is a musical term meaning the florid embellishment of melodic lines, either notated by a composer or improvis... Iceberg Sketch 3, 2016 Iceberg Sketch 3, 2016 “My works are mainly land and seascapes, which I use as a vehicle to explore the medium of paint, and the process of mark making. I enjoy working with oil on wo... Beauty of Sycamore Beauty of Sycamore “Sycamore cove is a beautiful, scenic place with great rock formations off the Pacific Coast highway at Malibu,CA. I had been there on a weekend and was taken i... Fearless, 2015 Fearless, 2015 “Fearless is the result of an idea which came to me while watching the news. In this painting I wanted to match the idea of courage with the innocence of childr... Lagŵn Glas, 2016 Lagŵn Glas, 2016 “The Blue Lagoon is a disused slate quarry at Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire. When slate quarrying ended, a gap was blasted using dynamite to create a small harbou... Games of light and color in the woods (Giochi di luce e colore nel bosco), 2016 Games of light and color i... “What I most admire in a landscape is not so much the story itself, but the lights and colors that overlap, intersect, come together to outline the scene. In th... Poppy Meadow, 2015 Poppy Meadow, 2015 “Poppies are symbolic flowers. They represent the loyalty and faith between lovers. A red poppy flower is used as a symbol for people that had fallen during war... Man in doorway, 2014 Man in doorway, 2014 “I discovered an old photograph of the homeless man in the painting sitting alone in a car park and became instantly drawn to the figure. His loneliness and the... Diffraction 2, 116x73 cm, 2016 Diffraction 2, 116x73 cm “These butane blue fans the burning embers of your burned out soul” Not All Magnolias Are A shade Of Cream, 2016 Not All Magnolias Are A sh... "This is one of my favourite flowers. I enjoy the contrast of the hot crimson pink and red against the cool blue of the sky in this painting, capturing a bright... In You We Trust, 2016 In You We Trust, 2016 "When painting this young lady the prayer to Mother Mary kept coming to mind. A very deep and thoughtful pose. How blessed we are as artists to have the honour... Grene, 2009 Grene, 2009 "This is a painting of my model, Grene, which I painted on a panel of beech board. I tried to incorporate the colour (a beautiful light yellow) and the grain o... The Warrior Bowed, 2011 The Warrior Bowed, 2011 “"Exhausted, trembling, the Warrior bows his head." There is something both powerful and vulnerable about the naked male body. This work is one of a series of m... Surrounded By Magic, 2016 Surrounded By Magic, 2016 “Look at those colors! Nature is so beautiful, creating such unbelievable scenes for the eyes. After a visit to Santa Fe, one of my favorite places, I'm again u... What We See We Believe, 2014 What We See We Believe, 20... “"What We See We Believe" is based on my interest in the coexistence and affinity between humans and animals. I drew my inspiration and energy to create this pa... Bowie, 2016 Bowie, 2016 “"I suppose for me as an artist it wasn't just about expressing my work; I really wanted, more than anything else, to contribute in some way to the culture that... Chapter XXVII 'The Third shore' (Walrus), 2015 Chapter XXVII 'The Third s... “In our works we use anthropomorphic characters as a symbol of connection between adult and child, modern human and primitive. These characters have always been... Fields of Gold, 2016 Fields of Gold, 2016 “My favourite view in the world - just at the end of the lane next to my son's school in Cornwall. Every day I walk past the gap in the hedge that suddenly open... Homeward, 2016 Homeward, 2016 “Homeward is a dream sequence, semi-abstracted landscape, encompassing both light and dark elements, and full of possibility. The painting is part of a new gess... Summer Symphony - A Large Size Original Oil Landscape, 2015 Summer Symphony - A Large... “I painted this in December 2015 as a reaction against the long grey wet weeks that have been the British winter so far. It has a stag in the centre of a poppy... Pussy Riot Dedication (Sitting Female Nude), 2015 Pussy Riot Dedication (Sit... “This Sitting Female Nude is dedication to the punk band Pussy Riot, which symbolizes protest against corrupted regimes and the fight for freedom of speech. The...

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