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Her work sold out at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Artist of the week, Nadia Attura

Photographer Nadia's work features in prominent residential and public projects in UK, USA, UAE, South East Asia and Europe. Her print 'Snow fields' sold out at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2016, with all 75 editions acquired during the private view. But don't fear, because she's just re-stocked her shop, and we've got our hands on lots of her juicy new work, just for you.

Our CEO Jonas says....

"Nadia’s photography is more about capturing ambiance than place. She’s using photographic techniques, sometimes layering images, to transport the viewer into a mental space rather than a physical place. Her art is engrossing the way a Monet painting is engrossing, putting elements in a sensual play between light, colors, and patterns.”

Desert road 1 of 3

'Desert road'


Ostia out of season by Nadia Attura

'Ostia out of season'


Candyfloss beach by Nadia Attura

'Candyfloss beach'


Cactus bloom by Nadia Attura

'Cactus bloom'


Monterey green by Nadia Attura

'Monterey green'



“Nadia collects photographed details; the patina aged on stone, rhythmic distortions on water, shadows drawn by trees. It is these small details that help her tell the bigger story.”

Composition green by Nadia Attura

'Composition green'


“Often the original photograph disappears from documentary single imagery toward a more painterly poetic interpreted view of the world.”

Chrysler black and white by Nadia Attura

'Chrysler black and white'


“Sometimes the images look vintage, sometimes they look impressionistic, sometimes abstract, stripped of anything but a strong remnant feeling, almost tactile in its clarity.”

Shadows and sand by Nadia Attura

'Shadows and sand'

Monterey gold by Nadia Attura
Monterey Gold by Nadia Attura
The bicycle carrier by Nadia Attura

'Humbolt life'

'Monterey gold'

'The bicycle carrier'

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