Artists in the News: Courtney Einhorn

US artist Courtney Einhorn paints live on stage during Pitbull's New Year's Eve party in Miami

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Artists in the News: Simon Tozer

Bristol-based printmaker Simon Tozer featured in the Observer

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Artists in the News: Dan Kitchener

Street artist and illustrator Dan Kitchener represents us in Stuff Magazine

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Disrupting the art market

A new blog from our CEO, Jonas. This week looking ahead to a busy weekend for Artfinder

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Work It! The Great Outdoors

The week's best 'Me at Work' images, this week brought to you by Mother Nature...

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Work It! New Year, New You...

Our artists are bringing in 2016 in style...

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Work It! Our artists doing their thing...

The best of the week's 'Me at Work' photos - this week with a street art theme.

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My Move From Sculptor to iPad Painter

Artist Adam James Butcher talks about his life-changing step from sculptor to iPad painter

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Artists in the News: Jaco Putker

Dutch artist Jaco Putker's imagined fairytales are featured in Huffington Post

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Artists in the News: Emma Cownie

Artist Emma Cownie talks to ITV and Wales Online about her journey into art after a car crash

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