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New for October presented to you by Artfinder

New for October

New month, new art. Top picks to help you choose the one, from our lead curator Alice.Created by Artfinder Collections | Editors' Picks

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Beach Umbrella by Dennis Crayon
Dennis Crayon
Oil painting

41 x 41cm

St Michael's Mount by Kate Heiss
Kate Heiss

40 x 40cm

Woodland Lilies by Alexandra Buckle
Alexandra Buckle

31 x 31cm

Saturday Night At The Movies by Francesca Hales
Francesca Hales
Digital Art

30 x 42cm

Garden Blackcap by Kate Heiss
Kate Heiss

40 x 40cm

Soma Blooms by Carolyn Shoemaker (Soma)
Carolyn Shoemaker (Soma)
Acrylic painting

168 x 122cm

The Emotional Creation #337 by Carla Sá Fernandes
Carla Sá Fernandes
Acrylic painting

200 x 100cm

Cloudy grey sky 40x30" 107x76cm Contemporary Art by Bo Kravchenko by Bo Kravchenko
Bo Kravchenko
Oil painting

76 x 102cm

A lifelong road. by Igor Shulman
Igor Shulman
Oil painting

100 x 60cm

Unfolding Light by Novi Lim
Novi Lim
Acrylic painting

97 x 97cm

My neighbor rap 2 by Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos
Acrylic painting

100 x 100cm

"White bouquet. "   flower  liGHt original painting  GIFT (2021) by Anna Bessonova (Kotelnik)
Anna Bessonova (Kotelnik)
Oil painting

50 x 50cm

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