Artwork description:

This is one of a few drawings I created in Cyprus at the Cyprus College of Art Residency. I spent six months developing new ideas and exploring the region and the mythology of Cyprus. One such mythology involved Aphroditus and the Cult of Aphroditus. Each year men and women would swap clothing to experience the other and at wedding ceremonies a statue of Aphroditus was given as a symbolic gesture of the joining of a man and a woman into one body.

Here the image explores the mythology, yet with a 21st Century erotic/ sexualised perspective with the rise of internet access to alternative sexualisations and the more opening of the mind to gender roles and non-gender specific lifestyle/ realities.

Here I have explored this ideas/ thoughts through the medium of oil pastel, rubbing back the layers so it takes on a non-specific identity and as a call back to erosion of boundaries/ lines, markers, forms and our ancient past.

Materials used:

Oil Pastel on Paper


#exploring  #aphroditus  #exploring the new forest  #cult of aphroditus  #cult of the hermaphrodite  #non-specific gender  #ancient cults  #oil pasteldrawing  #pastel  #mythology  #cyprus  #androgynous  #gender  #hermaphrodite 

Aphroditus (Series) (2013)


This artwork is sold by Adam Grose MA RWAAN from United Kingdom

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