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Artists of the month: February

Artists of the month: February

Alice's pick

Gugi Goo

"Gugi Goo’s beautiful abstract paintings combine confident use of colour and mark-making on a large scale. Gugi works in oil, acrylic and mixed media, often overlaying text and figurative drawings or photography within the painting to create her own unique visual language. Each painting is a means of self-discovery for the artist, exploring human emotions through her own personal experiences and memories. Her works are also inspired by music and their lyrics, using the mark-making in her works to describe the feeling of being moved by music."

Julia's pick

Rosalind Forster

"Rosalind Forster mainly uses the traditional process of the linocut. Layering up colour and line through this process, she creates gorgeous works full of character with a touch of bohemia."

Richard's pick

Beata Podwysocka

"Beata Podwysocka is a self-taught Polish photographic artist whose work meets at the intersection of photography and fine art. Beata's photography is highly arresting, not only for its use of geometric shapes and lines, but also for its striking use of colours. Blending the line between graphic design, architecture and photography, her work captures an abstract, slightly surreal world, at once recognisable, but always from an unusual or unexpected point of view. Beata is drawn to the poetry of the ordinary – lampposts, wall-mounted security cameras, stairwells – all of which are transformed through her lens into abstract architectural beauty. She explores the world around her in search for scraps and patches of familiar landscape in order to isolate shapes, forms, colours and patterns and mould them into unique subjects in their own right. Individual pieces of reality are stitched and spliced together to make a patchwork of the surreal and fantastical. In scenes of snowbound landscapes or rolling dunes of sand, the real world is lifted and suspended, a world where the imagination takes over, where colour takes on grand form and the human subjects, trees or buildings at the centre of the scene become like minimalist staged vignettes on a flattened plane of washed-out tones and hues. Many of her photographs focus on vague and transient subjects, such as shadows or reflections. Elements of our world are frozen in that moment by her camera and take on new meaning; the intangible becomes permanent when captured in these new forms. Parallel worlds that mirror and reflect our own everyday reality can be glimpsed and made material. Beata’s camera provides us with the gateway to enter."

Aindrea's pick

Jaeyhung Um

"The line between reality and fantasy is blurred with the work of Jaeyhung Um. The body is at centre focus for Um, with strong colour geometrics forming the backdrop. Jaeyhung takes on frequently depicted subjects in art history and transforms them into a contemporary lens, such as hyper-muscular backs and skimpy bikinis in lieu of bathing suits and parasols."

Alex's pick

Chandler McLellan

"Cabinet-maker by trade, Chandler unsurprisingly shows a real mastery of his medium with these beautifully executed wooden sculptures."

Juliana and Debra's pick

Roberta Mason

"I was instantly drawn to the beautiful glass sculpture of Roberta Mason. Her work is inspired by her love of the sea, the formation of waves, and where the land meets the sea. She uses traditional glass techniques to make her unique work and manages to achieve a stunning translucency and fluidity in her pieces. Her lagoon variations seem to capture the delicate ripples in the sand and waves as they meet and merge."

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Cover image via Beata Podwysocka

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