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Blue. Azul by Laura E. Torres
Laura E. Torres
Oil painting

55 x 50cm

Shades of Azul 342 by Steve Kalinda
Steve Kalinda
Digital Art (Giclée)

59 x 84cm

Pescados De Agua Azul by Roberto Munguia Garcia
Roberto Munguia Garcia
Oil painting

79 x 56cm

Laguna Azul by Andrada Anghel
Andrada Anghel
Acrylic painting

30 x 152cm

La Vela Azul by Valeria Golovenkina
Valeria Golovenkina

38 x 56cm

Colegiata with "Azul Lorca" sky. La Colegiata con cielo "Azul Lorca". by Jesús Gómez
Jesús Gómez
Oil painting

80 x 100cm

Albufera in green and blue.  Albufera en verde y azul. by Jesús Gómez
Jesús Gómez
Oil painting

100 x 65cm

Azul by Shushanik Karapetyan
Shushanik Karapetyan
Acrylic painting

56 x 76cm

Azul Añil, 58x73cm (23x29in) by Alexander Levich
Alexander Levich
Oil painting

73 x 58cm

Praia Azul Flower by Aneta Gajos
Aneta Gajos

30 x 42cm

Oceano Azul by Christopher Scardino
Christopher Scardino
Mixed-media painting

41 x 61cm

Azul Infinito by Cristian Cuevas
Cristian Cuevas

28 x 30cm