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Situation changes by Karen Axikyan
Karen Axikyan

22 x 34cm

Glow by Tracy Nicholls
Tracy Nicholls

6 x 5cm

Wild Woman by Eilean Eland
Eilean Eland
Clay sculpture

32 x 61cm

Landscape Black and White by Cristian Cuevas
Cristian Cuevas

40 x 50cm

Standing woman 2 by Stuart Roy
Stuart Roy
Mixed-media sculpture

20 x 62cm

A Star's Story by Anna Andreadi
Anna Andreadi
Bronze sculpture

11 x 32cm

The Pirouette by Lorna Doyan
Lorna Doyan

80 x 80cm

Olive by Troy Hyde
Troy Hyde

13 x 13cm

Solar wind by Michael Rofka
Michael Rofka
Wood sculpture

14 x 21cm

"Gentle Semantics" by Ognyan Chitakov
Ognyan Chitakov
Stone sculpture

23 x 22cm

Ballet by Toth Kristof
Toth Kristof
Bronze sculpture

8 x 26cm

Now £1118
Desk figurine 5 by Sandor Somogyi
Sandor Somogyi
Clay sculpture

24 x 10cm