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UK Bestselling Oil Painters presented to you by Artfinder

UK Bestselling Oil Painters

Take a look at our bestselling oil painters, expertly curated by the Artfinder team. All artists ship to the UK. Cover art by Shaun Burgess.Created by Artfinder | Editors' Picks

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Summers Day Orchid by Elliot Roworth
Elliot Roworth
Oil painting

40 x 50cm

Evening stroll Red wharf bay by Steve Keenan
Steve Keenan
Oil painting

55 x 45cm

Rhubarb and Custard by Lee Jenkinson
Lee Jenkinson
Oil painting

80 x 60cm

Eucalyptus by Ryan  Louder
Ryan Louder
Oil painting

45 x 65cm

Swan Sunrise III by Simon Jones
Simon Jones
Oil painting

81 x 102cm

Summer Bull by James Shipton
James Shipton
Oil painting

50 x 60cm

We Are All One by Jonesy
Oil painting

60 x 80cm

Rape Field Near York. by Malcolm Ludvigsen
Malcolm Ludvigsen
Oil painting

76 x 61cm

Winter In Bloom by Ewa Czarniecka
Ewa Czarniecka
Oil painting

40 x 40cm

Beached Boats, Hastings by Elliot Roworth
Elliot Roworth
Oil painting

30 x 21cm

Ggoyyya by Hugh Abernethy
Hugh Abernethy
Oil painting

200 x 170cm

Secret Forest River by Hazel Thomson
Hazel Thomson
Oil painting

150 x 100cm

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