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Earth Day 2024 presented to you by Artfinder

Earth Day 2024

This Earth Day, explore the breathtaking beauty of our planet with stunning landscapes and seascapes from all over the world. Cover artwork by Eva Volf.Created by Artfinder Collections | Editors' Picks

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Water lilies. The blue lake by Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Lilia Orlova-Holmes
Oil painting

150 x 100cm

Now £5200
Quechee Gorge, Vermont by Katie Jurkiewicz
Katie Jurkiewicz
Acrylic painting

122 x 183cm

Through the trees by Gordon Hunt
Gordon Hunt
Acrylic painting

91 x 91cm

Grand Canyon Twilight by Steph Moraca
Steph Moraca
Acrylic painting

36 x 44cm

Now £382
Water Lilies L 3 by Peter Nottrott
Peter Nottrott
Acrylic painting

83 x 155cm

Tide's Out by Alexandra Buckle
Alexandra Buckle

69 x 49cm

Summerrain by Katrin Roth
Katrin Roth
Acrylic painting

26 x 32cm

The Sun Also Rises by Journey Gong
Journey Gong

152 x 102cm

Now £1940
Red Sky Stream II by Simon Jones
Simon Jones
Oil painting

72 x 92cm

Now £1258
Last seconds of sunset circular string art by Andrey Saharov
Andrey Saharov

76 x 76cm

The Kirkstone Pass by James Bywood
James Bywood

35 x 50cm

Greek window by Marcus Cederberg
Marcus Cederberg

50 x 70cm

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