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Helen's David Hockney Collection presented to you by Artfinder

Helen's David Hockney Collection

Our curator Helen's pick of artworks inspired by the great David Hockney.Created by Artfinder Collections | Editors' Picks

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Diving In by Drusilla  Cole
Drusilla Cole

49 x 38cm

Night Air has the Sweetest Flavour by Melissa Launay
Melissa Launay
Oil painting

81 x 100cm

Private View by Joshua Daniels
Joshua Daniels
Oil painting

103 x 93cm

Now £2392
Drinks by David Hockney’s LA pool by Graham  Madigan
Graham Madigan
Digital Art (Giclée)

32 x 26cm

In the Mountains 13 by Lucie Jirku
Lucie Jirku
Acrylic painting

100 x 70cm

Empty pool by Elena Kurochko
Elena Kurochko
Oil painting

80 x 70cm

Side By Side by Alanna Eakin
Alanna Eakin
Acrylic painting

30 x 35cm

To Summer by Alicia Bock
Alicia Bock

51 x 51cm

The Splash by Imo Crossland
Imo Crossland
Digital Art (Giclée)

42 x 59cm

Underwater Painting - Solace VII by Abi Whitlock
Abi Whitlock
Acrylic painting

76 x 61cm

This Is Home by Kate Goetz
Kate Goetz

35 x 27cm

Dive by Anastasija Pudane
Anastasija Pudane

29 x 42cm

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