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Contemporary gallery wall presented to you by Artfinder

Contemporary gallery wall

Fancy building a contemporary gallery wall but don't know where to start? Our lead curator, Alice, has gathered up the brightest, freshest and boldest art to help you create a contemporary gallery wall for your living room. Created by Artfinder Collections | Editors' Picks

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Berlin sketch on wood by Gerry Buxton
Gerry Buxton

60 x 90cm

Venice Nr 29 by Francis Van Maele
Francis Van Maele

41 x 30cm

Tiger,tiger,burning bright,in the middle of the night,i don t think you know it yet,but your paws are probably wet by Jane  Ormes
Jane Ormes

56 x 56cm

Dada doute de tout - print nr 33 by Francis Van Maele
Francis Van Maele

30 x 42cm

Hitch by Natasha Law
Natasha Law

45 x 30cm

Backwaters Jungle by Nadia Attura
Nadia Attura

51 x 51cm

INDIA 2 by Francis Van Maele
Francis Van Maele

35 x 45cm

"I love craft beer" by Carolynne Coulson
Carolynne Coulson

21 x 28cm

Cows and the River Original Hand Cut Collage by Emma Bennett
Emma Bennett

30 x 40cm

Parrot A2 limited edition screen print by The Lost Fox
The Lost Fox

42 x 59cm

Killer Heels by Daisy de Villeneuve
Daisy de Villeneuve

20 x 27cm

Homage to Henri Matisse by W Step
W Step
Mixed-media painting

28 x 39cm