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Best of May presented to you by Artfinder

Best of May

Discover the best art for May, made with love by our artists and handpicked by our lead curator Alice. Cover image by Carlos Martin.Created by Artfinder Collections | Editors' Picks

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Homeboy (CMYK) by Donk

50 x 70cm

Backwaters Cape by Nadia Attura
Nadia Attura

70 x 70cm

Empty Words by Marco Paludet
Marco Paludet
Pencil drawing

50 x 60cm

Summers Day Orchid by Elliot Roworth
Elliot Roworth
Oil painting

40 x 50cm

Jean et Audrey by Grégory Héomet
Grégory Héomet
Oil painting

42 x 30cm

Old age. by Igor Shulman
Igor Shulman
Oil painting

70 x 100cm

Robins by Lisa Lennon
Lisa Lennon

29 x 42cm

Mandarins with a pewter beaker by Albert Kechyan
Albert Kechyan
Oil painting

31 x 31cm

Weather Changes Moods II by Teis Albers
Teis Albers
Mixed-media painting

80 x 120cm

Summer by Victoria Cozmolici
Victoria Cozmolici
Oil painting

120 x 70cm

Titan XK-012 by Yannick Bouillault
Yannick Bouillault

46 x 80cm

I Thought We Were Friends by Joshua Daniels
Joshua Daniels
Oil painting

74 x 94cm

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