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Best of May

Top picks of the month, handpicked by our lead curator Alice.Created by Artfinder Collections | Editors' Picks

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Red People by Katya Timoshenko
Katya Timoshenko
Etching / Engraving

33 x 34cm

Can You See (screen print) by Niki Hare
Niki Hare

56 x 76cm

Changes by Mariette Momberg
Mariette Momberg

38 x 55cm

Keep Going (Your Own Way)! by Amy Cundall
Amy Cundall

68 x 68cm

Capricorn cuckoo clock . by Valentina Toma' aka Zoe Chigi
Valentina Toma' aka Zoe Chigi
Acrylic painting

25 x 30cm

Summer nights by Poovi Art
Poovi Art
Acrylic painting

102 x 76cm

Monoscillable #17 by George Koutsouris
George Koutsouris
Wood sculpture

9 x 19cm

Tranquility by Claire Gill
Claire Gill

61 x 62cm

3D Metal Sketches by Mark Purllant
Mark Purllant

70 x 50cm

Paradise No.1 by Bea Schubert
Bea Schubert
Acrylic painting

30 x 30cm

Tulips by Ole Karako
Ole Karako
Oil painting

40 x 50cm

Pastel section by Yannick Bouillault
Yannick Bouillault

24 x 34cm

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