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Artwork description:

This piece is part of my “Seven Deadly Sins Against the Earth” series. As we continue to destroy the planet through our harmful dependence on Oil, the planet is reacting in ways that are of our own doing. We are facing the Wrath of Mother Nature's reaction to our mistreatment of the planet. Our endless pollution and overuse of fossil fuels has caused Global warming that is creating larger and more devastating weather systems, storms and harsher seasons to name a few issues! I have represented this by showing Mankind forcibly squeezing Oil out of the planet and showing the thick black polluting smoke emitted from burning Fossil fuels rising into our atmosphere. I have chosen to show the South American region of the Earth in this piece as the Amazon rainforest is one of the main "lungs" of the planet that helps clean our air that we are also destroying through deforestation. In this image I show the Earth reacting to the Climate Crisis and show its Wrath in the form of a mega storm developing and also creeper vines trying in vain to stop mankind's endless overuse of Fossil Fuels.
This “7 Deadly Sins Against The Earth” series is inspired by the Climate Change crisis that has been known about and reported on throughout my whole life. I have wanted to create artwork about this subject for a while but have been waiting for the right ideas and imagery to develop. The final spark of inspiration for me was when the recent Corona Virus outbreak began and it really struck me how our lifestyles, societies and actions have led us to this current situation in time and things cannot change unless we actually do something to change them.
I am very fortunate to live in Taiwan and thankfully the government and people reacted and responded quickly and decisively to combat the Corona Virus outbreak and stop mass spreading. As it unfolded I noticed many other countries lack of response and reaction seemed like they believed it wouldn't affect them and they didn't need to prepare or change anything in their already established societies. As we all can see now, that was a huge mistake and needs to be learnt from and rectified for future such outbreaks.
It really got me thinking about how we all live on this planet together, our connections and relationships to each other and the Earth.
The Corona Virus epidemic has shown us all how fragile and finely balanced our lives and lifestyles are.
Advancements and huge leaps have been made at what cost?
Our habits and lifestyles need to be more in line with sustainability and reducing the costs and tolls on the natural world to be able to continue to progress in a and way that is not destroying lives and the planet so much.
The way that we produce and use oil and other natural resources is damaging our air quality, atmosphere, environment and creating larger more devastating storms. I see this as the Earths reaction to how we are treating it, it seems like throughout the 20th century we have industrialized at such a pace and created so much pollution that we made the planet sick.
Our incessant burning of fossil fuels that have been underground for 100's of millions of years increases the Carbon Density of the atmosphere increasing Global Warming.

I can see that Corona Virus symptoms shown in humans echo how we have been destroying the planet with our established greed and over use of fossil fuels for decades. A fever is equivalent to "global warming/rising temperatures" and difficulty breathing mirrors our "mass deforestation and pollution." Before the recent Epidemic we had already given the planet the symptoms of the Corona Virus.
We can see the many harmful and negative effects this excessive use and dependency on fossil fuels has caused and need to react and make changes now to save our planet and give ourselves a chance going forward. We don't have to destroy what we have for greed and money!
We all have a voice and I decided to use mine to help highlight this ongoing issue and support the use of alternative Greener Energies to try to stop this ongoing Fossil Fuel dependence catastrophe. We are living in the most Technologically and intellectually advanced stage of Mankind and we are talented enough to be able to see the costs and effects of things sooner that in previous ages, so we have no excuses not to change these harmful practices.

Materials used:

Ink and Acrylic Paint on Mountboard


#mixed media impressionist environmental painting  #save the planet stop global warming  #portraits from the precipice environmental painting  #time to make a change  #stand up for mother nature 

Wrath (2020)


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This artwork is sold by David Lloyd from Taiwan

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