Artwork description:

This is a SPECIAL PAINTING WITH A FRESH SMELL INCORPORATED on canvas. It is part from my new painting techniques. Sometimes I want to see something else, something new, so I create it.

You will have the pleasure to buy something unique - A Smelling Canvas.

My thinking is this acrylic piece is to describe our current universe as arising from a collision of two three-dimensional worlds in a space with an extra (fourth) spatial dimension.

The two three dimensional worlds collide and stick and provides the kinetic energy. Dream or emotion, need to interest mind and heart. Life is mind and heart mutual influence.

Creativity, colors, to get more strong emotions.

Materials used:

Acrylic paint, mixed media paint


#wall artwork  #dimensional worlds  #mind and heart  #painting with fresh smell  #perfumed painting  #perfumed artwork  #acrylic on canvas  #large  #universe  #abstract painting on canvas 

Worlds in Collision - 150x100x4 cm (2017)


This artwork is sold by Cornelia Petrea - Abstract Art from Romania

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